Mac program for extracting Tablo recordings

So which app will work with a Mac for pulling recordings off the Tablo’s connected hard drive?

There’s a section #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex for that

Runs in a java environment - platform independent. Developer is active in the forums

I’m not absolutely certain, it runs with Python. So if you have a Python environment for MAC, there you go.

This is a GUI, completely “self contained” - download the pre-compiled release for your platform.

Or you could just use ffmpg and stream thing via a playlist, but it’s not practical.

SurLaTablo does work on a Mac. SurLaTablo is python2 dependent today, and the built in Python on Macs is python2, just be warned that Apple loathes FOSS, so eventually (when? Unknown), it (python there by default) will be going away.

(note: there will be other ways to install python on a Mac in the future, but it might require python3, and I’m not quite ready for that yet)

The python 2/3 thing can be a pita. I’m running Debian testing on multiple systems. From time to time I get messages about not finding python env and have to set or reset symlink back and forth <ugh>

Linux OS’s use to be reasonably straight forward with virtually everything configured via text files… now, who knows what’s going on.

SurLaTablo is highly configurable and full of options. How does it like multiple devices? (haven't look for a while)

The existing surlatablo does handle multiple devices, just have set TABLO_IPS = [ 'first-tablo-ip', 'second-tablo-ip' ] in your surlatablo2.conf file.

With that said, there can be some rec_id collision issues. Even though the cache db’s are separate. Somewhat probabilistic that you’ll encounter the issue, this problem has been addressed in version 3 (not released). Version 3, is the python3 version.

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Tablo Tools. Perfect!
Thank you

It had been under heavy active development in what seemed like “the early days of the pandemic”, and had since seemed to slowed to a stop. I just guessed he had to go back to work, but that’s my guess.

Tablo Tools works! You may still come across a few annoyances which need tweaked yet, but overhaul it’s stable. As far as my use and experience.

Also capto (no longer for Mac) with wrapto and APL Tablo… Some day I’ll get around to SuLaTablo, but I understand it’s very stable.

I just finished d/l the .dmg file for Tablo Tools version 0.2.4, and installing it on my 2012 Mac-mini. It’s running flawlessly as I type this, exporting 6 movies from Tablo to my computer. So far, so good!
P.S. The entire operation lasted 14minutes 30seconds.