New Tablo Quad WiFi

Love my new Tablo Quad with WiFi . I connect to two TV’s with built in Roku. I have had the device for a week and record 1 or 2 shows daily.

I have unplugged the external USB and transferred copies of files I want to save to my Linux PC. In Linux I use mp4joiner to combine the .ts files and avidemux to edit out parts of files I don’t want. I also run a conversion file using ffmpeg to shrink large videos if needed.

The device does everything I need. All I need is a new outdoor antenna. My indoor antenna picks up 40 channels so I am curious to see what a roof antenna might offer.

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There are several #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex 3rd party apps actively developed allowing you to export your recordings without needing to disconnect your drive and wondering which show is /pvr/12345/segs/.

If you do want to do it “the hard way”, you can use ffmpeg while your tablo is online using a playlist.

Enjoy your tablo!

When I click the link you offer I am unable to find the download option for any app.

If you are using one. Is it better than what I do now.

A 1 hour show can be transferred to my Linux PC in about 1 minute [USB3]
I can combine the multiple .ts files with a gui called MP3Joiner in about 1 minute creating an mp4 of about 1.2 Gig in size.

I edit the mp4 to remove unwanted video at beginning or end of the video with avidemux in about 2 minutes creating a slightly smaller .mkv file

I run a conversion using ffmpeg and convert the file back to .mp4 and the resulting file is about 400 meg in size and excellent quality. time for this is about 30 minutes.
I get to save any show I wish to archive in a smaller size doing this.

All apps, I believe, use ffmpeg. They may take a bit longer…because it’s done over the network, time not needed removing the drive and taking your tablo off-line.

A couple have some commercial editing. Generally you may have to continue that as you’re doing. They all read tablo’s DB, so you do know what show you’re getting - that’s the greatest plus.

I’ve found capto, used along with wrapto - great for scripting and scheduling.

This isn’t exactly the same… but has some similarities, if you want files copied

Most/all these developers are still active in Tablo Community and others for assistance. Some are, kind of, still actively developed, as needed I guess.

There are post how to directly use ffmpeg with the playlist so, again, you don’t have to take your tablo offline disconnecting your drive.

You can automate the export process, so it’s irrelevant how long it takes in some cases, even schedule it. Processing time is often tied to your hardware. If storage space is crucial, you might consider looking into inexpensive reliable large capacity drives and storage devices.

The “resulting file” size will depend upon somewhat on the resolution and length of the original. 480i is going to be smaller than 1080p recording - depending on your maximum recording quality. (maximum does not equal recording are upscaled to the maximum setting)

If this disconnecting, multi-step… removing just the beginning and end (?) transcoding process works - great. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it :wink:

I save every show I want, regardless of size. How long does it take, I don’t really pay attention any more, a couple minutes each 30min 720p show maybe.
My media player jumps in 30 seconds or 1 minute with a key tap - tap, tap, tap and I’m through a commercial in moments. (be nice to archive without commercials, but not the time investment for me)

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