Conflict resolution issue

Recently I noted an upcoming conflict for Sunday 2/14 so I manually removed one of the scheduled recordings to allow another to record. So far no issue. Later I went to the scheduled view and clicked on the show with the canceled recording. It showed 2 different showings for episode that was canceled on 2/14 and 2/16. I was able to manually schedule a recording for the episode on 2/16 with no conflict.

So why was there a conflict in the first place? Why wasn’t the Tablo able to avoid the conflict since there were two possible showings for the episode and one of the showings had no conflict. I thought the purpose of paying extra for the guide is so that we don’t have to manually schedule recordings?

I have Tablo Dual LITE and access with Roku Ultra.

Did you have it scheduled to record “New”? and were the subsequent episodes labeled “new”?

That’s as far as taboo goes with that. There is a long history of various post about conflict, or lack of conflict resolution… sadly.

You didn’t have to set a manual recording, you should have been able to click/check record on the episode.

Good question. The show is set to “record all episodes” so that doesn’t explain the issue.
You’re right I didn’t actually do a manual recording. I meant I had to take manual steps to fix a conflict that should never have existed in the first place as far as I can see.

Ideally, I (and others) agree with you… tablo sees conflict resolution as indicating there’s a conflict.

Some of discussion date back to 2014, I believe they’ve gone as far as they’re going with it.

Lots of good idea :slight_smile: responses and “we’re looking into it” blow-off-make-you-fee-good comments but that seems to be it for years!

I’ll add this. I’ve seen times where I have a certain show setup to only record new. A conflict appears and when I go to resolve it I see Tablo scheduled both available episodes for the same show. Same network but one is from my northern city and the other from my southern city. Exact same episode, exact same time. Not sure why it schedules both. All I have to do it unschedule one of them and the conflict with a 3rd program is resolved.

I have multiple 2-tuners with over 25 channels on each unit. I really don’t see any conflicts that aren’t legit. But I also check the start and end times for the various shows in conflict before I resolve any conflicts.

Modified start and end times were implemented to adjust scheduling for any odd start/end times. And I also use the new with nodups option.

Of course unless they are optional some peoples good ideas aren’t always useful and just add another layer of complexity. They are just ideas circling the bowl.

Thanks for that research. The closest reported issue to mine is “Recording Conflicts with New Episodes and Re-airing”. However in that post the OP had it set up for recording only new episodes where I have it set for all episodes. I agree with the OP in that post that it would be nice if the Tablo realized it could record the other airing instead. In my case it just seems like a flat out bug that it did not schedule the alternate airing.

But the OP asked for all “new” regardless. Not “new and nodups”. The 2/16 would record if the 2/14 failed unless there was also a conflict.

These new episodes could be coming from different channels with different resolution.

Not sure what you mean by “The 2/16 would record if the 2/14 failed unless there was also a conflict”.

The 2/14 did fail as it was marked a conflict, yet the 2/16 was not scheduled and there was no conflict on 2/16. The series is set to record all episodes.

This sounds like the 2/14 and 2/16 events were canceled. If you canceled them due to a conflict is it different then if tablo didn’t record them due to a conflict.

I worded that poorly. The 2/14 and 2/16 refers to the 2 different showings (airings). Only the 2/14 was canceled as a result of a conflict.

Sure, for this specific conflict. Try to look at the “big picture” of conflict resolution. There are various issues and reasons why they may occur - you have an automated device… which requires manual intervention to figure things out.

Overall, tablo conflict resolution is to just indicate it’s there… and it’s up to you to check on things from time to time to see if you have any. :neutral_face:
Of course, it’s being looked into and “recommendation” are welcomed as it’s on the roadmap and something they may have, possibly in the future, someday, meanwhile there are other priorities being considered at this time as well.

As for adjusting start and end times, as been discussed, I can only start early - not even a minute late and can’t end even a minute early… to resolve overlapping conflicts - note: 3rd party apps to allow for this adjustment.

Well that is a very forgiving way to look at it. However when I paid for the guide I did so, so that I could record all episodes of a series without having to worry about what channel, day, start time it occurs. If one of the possible airings on an episode has a conflict but another one doesn’t that is not a real conflict. I don’t see any other reasonable interpretation.

As for “what you paid for” and how you define “reasonable” interpretation

The only mention of conflict resolution is

From here you can also unschedule specific airings and resolve scheduling conflicts.

I’m speculating: more shows scheduled at the exact time than tuners available; equate to a conflict as defined by tablo. Show was scheduled, you unscheduled it - device presumes you don’t want it scheduled.
I’m not saying it follows any logic, but that seems to be how it’s been decided. Not open to interpretation.

You’ll likely find other annoyances and shortcomings. Hopefully you’ll find ways to deal with them or work around things… Despite some issues I may have, my tablo does a reasonably great job at what it’s suppose to “as designed”… and them some :wink:

I’m out - good luck

First, thanks for all your input. Overall I agree the Tablo is a good product that generally exceeds expectations.

“Show was scheduled, you unscheduled it”

When you say “show” do you mean series or episode? I never unscheduled the series. I only unscheduled one airing on 2/14 of a particular episode through the conflict resolution interface. The series is still set to record all episodes.

Suppose I didn’t intervene and “manually” schedule the episode for 2/16. Then a month from now that same episode appears as a repeat. Shouldn’t I expect the Tablo to schedule it? If so why didn’t it schedule the 2/16 episode?

I thought I was out, you’re just thinking a single instance.

Unschedueling “something” has unseen ramifications. There are unknown technical aspects beyond our understandings and likely due to limations of tablos programming.

I really don’t see how this as Vodoo mixed in with some magical pixie dust.

When you schedule a program as “all new”, it marks all episodes listed as new for recording.

Tablo just has a flag setting to indicate that the user has unmarked the episode for recording. This prevents the episode from getting marked for recording after the guide update.

And it seems that tablo will mark for recording all episodes listed as new even if they are dups. I don’t think tablo considers a recording as successful until it completes successfully.

So from what I have observed the second occurence will try to record if it is in the same time frame as the first. But if it is after the successful completion of the first occurrence it probably will not record.

As an example during the NFL playoffs I record all games marked as new. During the playoffs a Tijuana, Mexico station broadcast the same games marked as new on a 2 hour delay. Since these broadcast overlapped the U.S. broadcast they also got recorded. To prevent this I had to manually unschedule them.

If Tablo has a conflict, presumably something in the scheduling committed the conflict. It would be nice if the conflict trigger could be identified rather than just the fact that a conflict arose. I’ve seen conflicts in my scheduled shows identified with the ! mark, but when looking at the live TV listing, do not see any conflicts. However, the day’s programme did not record. That’s got to be some complicated programming.

Which app are you using?

The apps on Fire TV, Android TV, mobile, and the web app all allow you to select a conflicted recording to resolve it.

I am using the Tablo app on Firestick, not Tablo Preview.
I’ve scheduled Rizzoli and Isles. The schedule info shows 28 episodes scheduled to record from 4 seasons, all on the same channel.
The ‘scheduled’ icon shows the ! symbol but nowhere does a conflict show in the list of episodes due to record. The first scheduled episode did not record. I must be missing something?