Ability to prioritize schedule for auto conflict resolution

I’m really enjoying my Tablo, it has been rock solid and I’m not missing my monthly satellite bills at all :slight_smile:

I’d like to be able to prioritize my recording schedule for auto-conflict resolution. Tablo would just record the top 2 scheduled and I wouldn’t have to always perform manual conflict resolution.

This could be accomplished by presenting the schedule as a list and allowing the user to sort the list of shows in descending priority.

@dlb9000 - Thanks for that suggestion!  We’re definitely looking at ‘smart recording’ options which this would fall under. 

Maybe also have Tablo see if there are encore showings of any conflicting recordings in the schedule and list them.  Sort the findings (if any) by those are not conflicting first.  User selects the one that works for them it then brings up the description so they can verify its correct.  A reschedule button swaps the conflicting scheduled recording with the newly selected one.  If the encore showing are in conflict it allows you to repeat the process with that new schedule conflict to see if it can also be resolved.

@Xzyl. Great point. That def needs to be part of solution.

@Xzyl I understand what you are trying to do there but when do you see it would list the conflicts? Would it be at the time of scheduling the recording? If so, what if there were no conflicts at that time but the network changes the schedule that later results in a conflict? Would the user then have to continually monitor the conflict list?

What I was trying to come up with is a solution that doesn't require the user to continually have to check their schedule for conflicts. Allowing users to prioritize scheduled recordings, in combination with duplicate detection, should mean that the encore showing would automatically be recorded as long as the encore slot did not have 2 higher priority recordings scheduled.

I do agree a conflict list is a good idea, because it would allow users to validate their priorities.

I'm sure the smart recordings that @TabloTV are working on will address these issues in some cool way B-)

@TabloTV smart recordings sounds like a smart approach… I know I’ve never enjoyed managing conflicts and show priority lists… Best suggestion I can add is to add a thumbs up/down or 5 star rating scale to shows and episodes for the smart recordings feature… And more.

I’m already trained by the likes of Pandora and the lot, that this simple action brings me more of what I like. This should auto resolve conflicts and dictate which shows record during primetime.

Maybe it can be real smart and list online versions when a conflict occurred… I’m smarter than my Tablo right now… This is what I do, watch it online. I would love to see Tablo become an integrated hybrid hub of content.

I would really love for smart recordings to be super smart.

What if it is as simple as recording priority lists?  The way I have seen it implemented in the past that was very successful is the Favorites are all given a numeric value set by the user.  If the user doesn’t set it then you simply get a list 1 - n where N is the most recent “favorite” you are recording.  You can go into the favorites at any time and rearragne the priority list.

cough http://community.tablotv.com/discussion/comment/283/#Comment_283 cough

My old Cable DVR used to do something similar. It wasn’t numbered, but ordered, you can drag and drop the recording higher/lower on the priority list.

Also, to add to the topic here, after one of the updates (either webapp or firmware), the recording priority changed from being first come first serve to alphabetical (I have 1 conflict of 1 minute, which kills a recording, and after the update the wrong show was in conflict).

@max The scheduling process hasn't changed, if you've noticed it changing to an alphabetical trend – that’s a coincidence (though I know it may seem unlikely).

@TabloSupport could the scheduling “list” have been reset during one of the updates?

@Max Potentially - if you’ve done a channel scan shortly after an update.