Record wish list

One thing I will miss going from Dish to tablo will be the capabiliy to record based on wants. For example I would like to record “Dirty Jobs” if it ever shows up on my guide or record anything with “John Wayne” as an actor in a show. A record wish list would be great…


Keyword recording would be boss!

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Keyword recording would indeed be boss!

It’s something we do talk about but there are a lot of potential consequences to implementing something like this hastily, including causing a lot of unintended recording conflicts.

It would be boss if all the apps had the same features, functions, and filters.

Or maybe WiFi direct.

Which brings up something much more important, i.e., conflicts. Sometimes the wankers at the networks move shows around mid season. This can create conflicts that the user is unaware of until “Hmmm… I wonder why my show didn’t record”. I would like to see Tablo do some sort of conflict scan periodically, maybe when the guide data is downloaded. A pop up of a potential conflict would be awesome.

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@VegasSteve Indeed. Conflict resolution and more proactive notifications are something we want to take a closer look at in 2019.