Change wifi network?

Hey - I tried searching for this and can’t seem to find how to change wifi settings.  I have a new router and different SSID - I want to connect the Tablo to the new router.  How do I do that and can I do it without losing current recordings?  Thanks!

I wanted to add that the new router I want to connect to has a different SSID, but the router that is currently configured with the Tablo has the same SSID I set it up with.

More specifically, I hooked up a new modem/router combo that my cable company provided and set the SSID to the same as my (old) router so I didn’t have to reconfigure every device.  I unplugged my old router.  Turns out - the cable provided router/modem isn’t very strong in terms of wifi signal, so I set up my original router (now with a different SSID) as a bridge connect.  So I want to connect my tablo to the bridge which has a different SSID.

So I’m asking how to reconfigure the tablo to the new SSID without losing recordings.  Thanks!

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I would open up a ticket with TabloSupport.   As long as you don't factory reset the Tablo, you won't lose recordings and schedules.

I did a quick test this morning where I pulled my network cord out of my Tablo, but I had connected to my wifi network at least once before.  So after a reboot, it just connected to my wifi network again rather than broadcast its SID again.  So if you change networks, I just am unsure on what it will do.


To change the Wi-Fi network your Tablo is on, first you need to disconnect from it. 
You can find the ‘disconnect’ prompt at the bottom of the left hand menu of the Tablo app.

Next, tap the ‘Edit’ button on the top right corner of the Tablo app. From here, you should see ‘Edit Wi-Fi’ appear under your Tablo’s name. Tap ‘Edit Wi-Fi’ and follow the prompts to switch your Tablo from one network to the other.

You should make this a sticky or add it to the FAQ. Thanks!

@samcraig - @TabloSupport will be doing a knowledge base article on this.

@TabloTV I found by searching. Please pin or add to FAQ

I read the knowledge base and it’s pretty self explanatory. However, I my Tablo isn’t creating the wifi network that it says it is. I’m getting the notice: “connect to your Tablo’s wifi network. It looks like this: Tablo_8F0F. You’ll need your home wifi network’s password.”

I can’t find the wireless network. I tried connecting to it manually by selecting “add network” via my mac, android, and PC, none of them worked. What now?

I recently changed out my router with new SSID. I can connect the tablo via Ethernet to configure its settings, but getting it to connect to my wifi has been quite a hassle. I can’t keep it hardwired since I don’t have a OTA TV connection next to my modem/router. The past 48 hours, I’ve been watching only recorded shows and haven’t been able to record anything new. Please help!

The WiFi network broadcasted by the Tablo does not broadcast if the Tablo is plugged into an Ethernet port on a router. Disconnect the Ethernet cable.

The WiFi network name should be “Tablo_XXXX”, where X are numbers.

I already tried that. Ethernet unplugged, it still doesn’t broadcast a network. Then again, i’ve never used the tablo’s wifi. Think it’s defective?

Figured it out:
Step 1: ‘disconnect’ from the tablo and ‘edit wifi’ as per the knowledge base
Step 2: unplug ethernet cable (not in knowledge base)
Step 3: restart by disconnecting power (not in knowledge base)
Step 4: connect to the tablo wifi network
Step 6: go to after connecting to that network, and it will prompt you for a network to connect to.

That all worked. It’s unknown if step 2 and 3 would have worked by themselves, I didn’t test it in that way. Bottom line, the knowledge base is useless because it provides step-by-step instructions, yet it omits steps that it assumes you do on your own. If it’s intended to be a step-by-step guide, then it needs to have all steps, not just some.

That being said, I find this quite often in our (our = nerd/cyber) community. We are terrible at assuming the user will perform the hidden steps. I’ve tried rooting many a device in my day, and there’s always something omitted that the guide assumes you already did or already know. The problem with those situations is that I can never figure it out because it’s usually a programming step. This was quite easy to figure out for me, but i’m better with hardware issues than I am with software ones.

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What do you do if there is no Edit Wi-Fi button after you disconnect? I have a quad with 2.2.26.

What app are you using?

Good question from @theuser86 - try using if you can.

I tried using the web interface and also the Android app. Neither worked. Fixed the issue by doing a factory reset.

Because this helped me get my Tablotv onto a new network in (almost) Dec 19, I want to note it as a working answer. I did not need to use “”, I just used the Tablotv app on my phone. Additionally, I also added a Step 5 (he doesn’t have one) where I reconnected the Tablotv to the internet (wired).
So what worked for me was;
Step 1: ‘disconnect’ from the tablo and ‘edit wifi’ as per the knowledge base
Step 2: unplug ethernet cable (not in knowledge base)
Step 3: restart by disconnecting power (not in knowledge base)
Step 4: connect to the tablo wifi network
Step 5: Reconnect the tablotv ethernet cable.
Step 6: Select the ‘Connect’ button in the app.

At this point the Tablotv pulled the channels and showed an IP from my new network.