Can we get an update on how the Beta testing is going?

@TabloTV Can we get an update on when the Beta testing will end and the new software for the FireTV will be released? It’s been weeks since I’ve seen any comments about the new version and my FireTV app stuttering problem is still occurring.


Pretty sure they said they were on track for a July release.

The sub channel problem that was discovered by me has been fixed. They still have a few things (I don’t know) that they want to fix. This is a MAJOR upgrade, and includes a new kernel. Support for larger disk and bulk delete among other things. I just ordered a 5 TB Seagate that Tablo used inhouse for testing. It’s scheduled to arrive Thursday, but I most likely will wait until I return from vacation. I don’t want to make a change and not be able to reset the Tablo if required.

NewEgg has this 5TB drive on ebay right now for $114.95 Free Shipping

I bought one.



@sstjean I think you will be VERY pleased with the FireTV update. It is a night and day difference. :thumbsup:

That’s where I got mine too. Why not too? Now I know to compare ebay Newegg to

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Is there a post somewhere with the features that will be included in the FireTV update? I am new to Tablo and this forum/blog but couldn’t find anything. I love everything about our new Tablo (I am a WMC convert) but I absolutely need Closed Caption or I cannot hear dialog when there is music or sound effects in the background (or when the house is noisy). I am praying it will come with this new update?

The closed captioning is included and working in my beta 2.2.3

Thank you! You made my day!

Glad to hear that the features users are looking for are forthcoming, but can we actually get an update please? I’m trying to be patient… but It’s not so easy to sell to the family!

I have to say, I’m a little bummed out. @TabloSupport was out here, practically begging people to sign up for the beta. I jumped on the chance, and didn’t hear back for several days. When I nudged them was told “thanks for your interest, but we’re full.”

So… with such handsome participation, when can we expect to see the fruits of those labors?
Just looking for a realistic answer.

Also, please put me first in line for any and all additional betas. :smile:

They said they were on track for a July release. There hasn’t been another update since then that I have seen.

July… but …

… sorry. Couldn’t resist. :wink:


Just got the update on this release from the powers that be. There is still a potentially gating issue with a subset of hard drives. We now have one of those drives in house to test which we’ll be doing over the next day or so in order to resolve this issue. Plus there is a long weekend in Canada coming up and we don’t want to release before it in case support is required.

This is why we have no choice but to push into August. We’re hopeful this gating issue can be resolved or at least mitigated so we can move forward with all of the great updates we’ve got on deck.

Thanks for your understanding & patience guys & gals.


That weekend will be even longer in this American household, I can guarantee that. :frowning:

They are now officially “off track” for a July release.

What drives are you having problems with, so we can order larger disk and avoid the problem ones? I know that I have already ordered the one you tested in house with no problems, but others might want some options to know what to avoid.

I kind of like the idea of releasing on the weekend, since that’s when most have more time but ONLY if Tablo Support could at least work 4 hours that Saturday or be off on Thursday, and work Thursday hours on Saturday - only for weekend of new firmware release.

Releasing firmware over weekend = not good decision


I said ONLY if support works on Saturday. If Support is not working on the weekend = DO NOT update on weekend.

Honestly they can send it out anytime they want… But, it is us who decide to actually install :stuck_out_tongue: