2.2 Firmware Release

Just wondering if anyone knows an approximate time when the new 2.2 firmware will be released to the general population. I’ve looked around the boards and could not find an expected release time. It may be I’m just not looking in the right place.

I’m waiting patiently because everyone seems to be saying great things about the new firmware.

Latest update here: Can we get an update on how the Beta testing is going?

That update was from before the Canadian holiday, where are we now that you are all back to work? Getting impatient.

It will be 2.2.3 (or higher) when it is released. Hopefully soon. Best to have problems solved before releasing to general public.

Well I’m not sure what the deal is with the firmware, but Tablo’s definitely been stealth-releasing new features on us.

All of a sudden the web interface lets you mass-delete episodes!

And now there’s a '“leanback mode” you can enable in the settings.

Is there more? What else is new?

Those features have been in the web app for at least a couple of weeks now.

Our web guy sneaks things in under the marketing folks radar :slight_smile:

Here’s the updates on the web side:

  • Support for FFW previews
  • Bulk delete
  • Additional sort options for recordings
  • Resume playback

Will the firmware be coming this week??!! Desperate for the larger hard drive size. I haven’t been able to actually use my new tablo because I am holding off on needing to buy a hard drive

Sorry @andysousa We’re working hard to get the last tweak done but we’re running out of ‘before the weekend’ time. Looking like it’ll have to be next week.

Looks like QA will be working the weekend.

I see a mention for “[quote=“TabloTV, post:7, topic:2893”]
Additional sort options for recordings
[/quote]” however despite searching all over my Chrome interface, I have not been able to locate any way to modify the recording sort order from the default alphabetical format.

Has this actually been implemented? Thanks!

@souser, I think the Tablo folks mean there are more tabs in the recordings section. I see All, TV shows, Sports, Movies, Manual, and Most Recent, and I am pretty sure all of those were not there before on the Chrome browser and web app.

“Most recent” is just every recorded show/event sorted by the lastest episode date of a recording.

‘Most recent’ is indeed the addition!

Is this going to be happening? Tablo still sitting in the box, would love to get this thing going.

Any update yet on when this will be released?

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We’ve got a final load in QA right now. The plan is to get that to the beta team today and then once they’ve given thumbs up we’ll be ready to send it out!


Hoping for release on Thursday so if anyone has problems support will be there Friday

I’m not going to deny that I check back here at least once a day to see if it’s been released, but I’m good with waiting. I sympathize with those individuals who have new setups and only have a larger drive to use, but I want this update to be solid. I’d be upset if they pushed out an update that prevented me from watching TV or, worse yet, lost my recordings.

Time Warner never gave me any indication they were pushing out an update. Then again their updates were rare and minimal. Tablo could be more like Time Warner, but I like the communication and anticipation.

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But Time Warner had a full feature device when you got it. They have been adding features to Tablo to make it be a better device. The reason it has not been released yet was limited to a few problems with a few hard drives and they want it to be perfect.

Did the Beta Testers get the latest build? Hows does it look? Does it look like it will go live? Just curious.

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