Can we get an update on how the Beta testing is going?

And most people (me included) want the lastest update as soon as it is released, until after it is installed and you find a problem. Then it is “why did I upgrade when I KNEW support was gone until Monday”.

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@TabloSupport IF I get a Fire TV Stick, how do I get added to the beta for it too? Since I’m already on the beta for Roku, Android, and Tablo Firmware? I’m going to get a Fire TV Stick, so when I travel, I can watch my Tablo / Netflex whereever I am on a TV.

Hey… Me first! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’d all ready have the firmware, so the new firmware in the Tablo might not work using old client software, or maybe some of the new features might not work without the client firmware.

Instead of getting the FireTV stick from Amazon, I got it from Best Buy, because I am leaving on a trip on Monday. I need to plug it into my TV, so it will have been paired in order for Tablo Connect to work.

@TabloSupport Will my new Fire TV Stick run with the beta 2.2.3 firmware? I ordered online and will be picking it up later today.

Yes, the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick with the offical app will work with the beta firmware. Just you will not have any of the beta features. But you can definitely watch recordings and live TV.

thanks @theuser86
I can understand me not getting the current beta for the Fire TV since it is near release time. @TabloTV or @TabloSupport can you add me to the Fire TV beta for the future betas (and current if possible).


^^ Me too, please. I promise I won’t gripe, even on a weekend! :grinning:

@TabloTV How is the new testing going? It’s been about a week since the last update. Is the HD issue resolved? Any updates on the release? Thanks.

Tablo posted this 18 hours ago:

Sorry @andysousa We’re working hard to get the last tweak done but we’re running out of ‘before the weekend’ time. Looking like it’ll have to be next week.

@TabloTV So, how realistic is it that you’ll meet your promise this week?

We’ve been hearing the “next week” story for a few weeks now, and frankly, it’s quickly deflating in value. To be honest, I’d rather hear “we’re about a month out” and at least have it be a realistic expectation set for both your team and your users. At this rate, even just a quarterly update schedule would be preferable to getting my hopes up daily that some magical update is going to drop.

At this point, the product – purchased specifically because of its compatibility with my setup-- is unusable for me. My 4-tuner Tablo sits bypassed in favor of a direct Antenna connection, while my wife has vowed to call to have us put back on cable by the end of the week.

I bought the Tablo based on commitments Nuvyyo made, assuring great technical support, (over-promised), encouraging invitations to participate in your betas, (I’ve been iced out), and a reputation of quality (which is quickly gaining tarnish). I wanted to believe the hype, but so far, it’s been unfounded. I’m feeling more than a little cheated.

Before you consider me just an insensitive user, know that I too develop hardware and software for a large AV company here in the states. (This is not go on an ego trip and proclaim that I can do your job. I don’t want to, which is why I instead bought your product). I can relate to your pressures. I know well the development life-cycle and none of it contains dishonesty with your customer base.

At the very least, it would be a lot less stressful for you to just introduce some reality, no? That would include saying “Hey guys, you know what? We’re not ready for prime time. Hit us back in 3 months and we’ll make sure at that time that you’re put on an early adopter reward model.”

Sorry for the mini rant, but even nice guys have a breaking point. :-/

Edit: @theuser86 pointed out that one should not buy anything based on future promises. I re-read what I wrote above, and it does make it sound like the ‘commitments’ were my primary motivation. That’s not the case. The fact is I specifically bought Tablo because it specifically worked with my existing system. The future promises were a motivating factor, but not the only ones.

This is on you - it is never intelligent to make purchases of any tech devices based on future features / promises.

@theuser86 You missed my point. I bought it based on ones that were for the current setup I have. (Fire TV). The skipping issue, the delays, the thing is unusable. The future features are gravy. I back-burner them. The ones “written on the box” so-to-speak… Those are the ones I use when selecting the product I need currently. This is not my fail.

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Agreed. But you have to realize there are many of us where the Fire TV app works great. I have no playback issues on the Fire TV box and Fire TV Stick.

@theuser86 - I wish we could all be so lucky! I did my homework and read the posts (probably yours?) which said as much before I made my purchase. Perhaps I have bum hardware, but I’ve been told this isn’t possible, the issue is identified and fixed, yadda, yadda, yadda. I don’t want to just sit here and crap on Tablo all day. Trust me – I sold my family on it, I’ve talked it up to my friends… I threw myself into it, only after exhaustively researching it and everything that surrounds it. I am just looking for a means to an end here. At the end of the day, as much as Tablo is a great concept, I’d rather think about other things… :smile:

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I have no issues with the Fire TV stick after the latest release. Prior to that I could not click on a channel or stream live remotely at anything but gull quality and it had lots of buffering.

@beastman, you describe my experience exactly. Are you using a beta release? I’m not, though I wish I were. It sounds pretty successful.

His experience / issues were only with using the Fire TV remotely. Locally it was fine.

The new FireTv app that is accessible to everyone solved my buffering/stuttering issues. Just update it on your FireTv, and it should help a lot.

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Have you opened a ticket with @TabloSupport?

Like @theuser86 said, my problem was remote and local was perfect. I was NOT using beta Fire TV because I just got it at the end of the beta, but was (and still am) using beta firmware in the Tablo.