So it's almost the end of July - Will we see the FireTV Update

I’ve got two FireTv’s at home and patiently waiting for the update promised for “July”.

I agree, been waiting patiently, but getting fed up with TABLO, bugs that I have had to live through since they released the Fire TV version that still have not been fixed, and than we are promised a whole new build with major improvements promised in July and nothing, maybe instead of trying to move to a huge new release they should have focused on fixing the bugs they had in the last releases.

It is coming! Can we get an update on how the Beta testing is going?

Firmware update slipped to August. Better than updating on a weekend and a Canadian holiday. Fire TV might be related to that.

Hi @DRB417

The new FireTV beta version is pretty awesome. They have been pushing a lot of updates out as they fix issues. I think it will be worth the wait for you. Hope this helps.