1/29 Dateline NBC story of Making a Murderer not showing as new episode to record

Just read that Dateline NBC is covering the Steven Avery Making a Murderer story and when I went to see if it was set to record, the guide did show it was set to record new episodes only but the only ones showing as new were Sun Feb 1 & 8 in the middle of the night. As far as I can tell it airs on Fridays at 9 CT, not Sundays but there aren’t any Friday shows showing as new. I’ll submit a ticket but if you’re interested in watching it you may want to check that the guide has it correct for your area.

This is a known problem that they (support) don’t know how to fix it yet. See these related threads for an interim solution:

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Thanks but this is not an issue of an episode being scheduled and not recording. It’s an issue of either the network not listing it as a new episode or the guide service not picking up the right info from the network. If it’s a network issue I don’t think there’s anything that can be done but since another guide, Titan TV can decipher that it’s new I’m guessing it’s an issue with Tablo’s guide provider and thus fixable. Ticket was submitted.

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I forgot to mention I found the new episode in question under the Other Seasons tab and just selected it to record.

@AL512 To clear a few things up, this is not currently a known issue.

While a few threads here have mentioned a symptom similar to what you’re describing, the customers we have managed to touch base have had different issues manifesting in different ways.

If you send us a ticket (we have nothing on file from you) we can solve this quicker.

@mullermj We’ve got your ticket and we’re checking this out now.


I took this thread as a heads up and scheduled it. (thanks for that btw) It showed up in my schedule just fine. I assume the problem lies with the schedule provider

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@TabloSupport Please see ticket #12971 (opened and “resolved” back in Dec last year). The solution was to reboot the router and reset Tablo. Since then it’s been happening a few more times and I have to repeat the work around (reboot/reset router & Tablo). I know for a fact that the exact same thing happens to another Tablo user that he has to do the same work around to get his scheduled recordings back up and running.

I suggested to “David” (Tablo Support) that It would be nice if Tablo server can send an automatic warning to users (via email) in the event the server connection has been lost. We have no way of knowing when this event occurs until we realize many shows are not recorded a few days later. I think this is very important for users so we can reset our router, etc.

When I first discovered this problem (after upgrading to firmware 2.2.8) I checked this forum and found that many people were having the same problem, see this thread back in Dec 15:

My issue may not have been related as well, but I made a thread recently about missed recordings.

A Tablo factory reset and HD reformat fixed it for me, I have a 100% recording ratio since then :slight_smile:

For anyone else going that route, I suggest you use Tablo ripper / exporter before proceeding. Make sure to save it in Plex your recorded content will be saved!

@AL512 We’re happy to revisit this if you like. Your case was quite different; this was an internal error we believe to be caused by a power outtage or brief power ‘bump’ that caused the Tablo to ‘freeze’ until it was power cycled to recover.

However, this is very different from losing connection to our server, which the Tablo can handle without an issue. We just want to be careful of noting what known issues are out there.

@TabloSupport Thank you for the quick reply. It seems to me that the “internal error” you mentioned still happens that I’ve been experiencing the same issue a few times after my ticket was “resolved”. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. This is not unique to my Tablo, but to many other Tablos out there.

So, now you know this issue is still happening that it becomes a known issue.

@AL512 While this is a known issue, it’s one that we see very rarely, and one that we’re consistently working at resolving. If you’re seeing it more and more frequently, that’s something we really would have liked to know. The best way to do this is through a direct ticket to our support team.

Your ticket was put on-hold and filed as we’re aware of this issue. The ‘resolved’ tag is added by our ticketing system; nothing more. We apologize if this came across the wrong way.

We just want to be clear that this is in no way related to recordings not happening - nor is recordings not happening a known issue of any kind. And, as always, the Tablo will continue to record its scheduled airings should it lose its Internet connection.

I have re-opened my ticket #12971 because it is still happening.

Every time it happens Tablo fails to record, i.e. scheduled recordings not happening. The most annoying aspect is that you wouldn’t realize it until a few days or a week later before discovering that many of the recordings have failed to execute. That’s why I set myself a reminder to reboot/reset my Tablo/router every 4 days as an interim fix. The problem is still pretty much alive and unresolved and it happens exactly as described in the thread opened back in Dec last year (after 2.2.8 release):

I will piggy back here as well as offer what I have found since I was the person who opened the thread being referenced.

A reset of the Tablo box using a quick push of the blue button solved the issue. BUT I will say that it has happened one additional time. I think about 2 weeks ago maybe. I caught it that night when I got home since I was missing the NBC Nightly news. I ran down to my Tablo box and hit the reset again right away. Again it fixed the issue and all scheduled recordings that evening and since then worked.

I agree that this is not an isolated issue. It seems that something is causing it to get stuck and stop recording. Now that I know what to look for it has an easy fix on my end, but I would much rather to not have any issues at all!!!

Hope this helps.

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@angelosc Thanks for confirming the problem. Yes, it happened to me again about the same time (2 weeks ago) and I know it happened to many others. Last month I actually spoke to one of the support guys and he told me that my Tablo “had not been seen/checked in with their server” and to solve it is to reset Tablo and/or the router.

I agreed that this issue needs to be fixed permanently, or at least send us an email notification or whatever so we can reset/reboot Tablo.

Thanks! I checked just now and the not new episodes no longer show as new and the one for Fri 1/29 does show as new and is scheduled. That’s the only new one showing though. The next one, Fri 2/5 does not appear for this season and does not show as new. It shows up under the Other Seasons tab.