Recorded shows are incomplete (even though summary displays it at 1hr recording length)

Hopefully many of these problems will go away once large SSDs become more affordable.

The issue here isn’t with the speed of the drive really. Even at the 1080p recording quality the Tablo is writing up to 1 MB/s at a maximum - a regular HDD can write at speeds of 40-80 MB/s. And let’s not even talk about the speed limitation of USB 2.0 when compared to how fast HDDs can read and write these days.

Just an update, it appears that the aforementioned shows (haven’t gotten a chance to check yesterday’s Arrow) have fully recorded, though for S.H.I.E.L.D. it indicated it was 1 hr 5mins, but once I selected watch, I paused it and checked the full length on the blue play/progress bar and it was only 1hr in length.

Also, @TabloSupport yesterday said they remote logged in but said they could not find the shortened recordings, which was odd because most of the ones I referenced were still there! (Note: Forgot to put the unit into remote access mode, but I pinged me wife to do it so please give it about an hour from now before checking).

@TabloTv, Please let @TabloSupport know of these screenshots here, since I’m told that when I email them again (even though it’s a reply) that my ticket is pushed to the back of the list.

Support claims they can’t see any of these recordings that were not complete, but pretty much HALF of what’s recorded is like this. Here are captures of a small sample where it indicates on the Watch screen it’s full lengthed, but when you play the show the blue progress bar clearly shows its NOT.

Got a response back from support. Basically they’ve indicated that they believe it’s a corrupted DB (not an HDD that suffers frequent disconnects as seemed to be the go-to verdict in this thread).

Here’s the response below, having to do a factory reset and lose recordings does not seem like an acceptable “solution” though. If the DB has gotten corrupted already in 3 weeks, there’s not a high confidence it’s not going to happen again. Never had this issue happen on any Directv or Dishnetwork DVR over the years, and had this happen once with AT&T Uverse DVR (who had very poor quality issues).

The upside is that my shows in the last week have not had this happen, even before the new 2.2.6 was pushed to my Tablo. Have 3 days left still to decide if I want to keep this, but am leaning towards returning it to Amazon.

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Just had the same problem and my Tablo is only a few days old. Sending a service ticket tonight.

Good luck. I’m glad I returned that to Amazon. For $200 plus subscription fees that was not worth it. One of the buggiest devices I’ve ever had, and support never even offered up discounted sub rate or months even for bugs that are really unacceptable.

Much happier using PlayOn as a DVR and just using my antenna for live tv. Hopefully they get their act together because the product was a great concept. Hopefully more alternatives will emerge that increase quality and decrease prices.

I’ve had the same problem too. It seems the problem is rooted from losing its connection to the main server (“failed to check in”). Rebooting the router and resetting Tablo fixes it. But it will happen again periodically.

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@AL512 Thanks for the heads up. @Tom1 Sorry to hear your Tablo experience wasn’t great. I am willing to give it more time. Like you said it is a great concept and compared to other options it seems the best for me. I also like that they have a great community of tablo users who are informative. In addition to their community their @TabloSupport team seems very responsive to peoples issues and recommendations. I just put in a request, I will follow up later in the week when I see how it goes. I’m guessing it will be good.

Your welcome. It happened to me (and others too) several times already. The support guys still don’t know the exact cause of the problem so they cannot fix it yet. In the mean time I made myself a reminder to reboot the router and Tablo every 3 days until they fix the issue. Good luck.

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Thanks for the tip!

I am 2 weeks into my Tablo have a case open for the exact same issues.
It worked good at first then started having issues. So frustrating to sit down and watch program to find out it only recorded 5min out of 30min.
If it is not resolved I am returning and getting the HDHomeRun and PlexDVR.

I’m a little surprised, but not too much, that almost a year later they’re still having this same problem. I do applaud their prompt customer support team’s service quality. Almost sounds like they’ll need to make another generation model and redesign it from the ground up, hopefully following engineering design best practices with quality built-in, to fix these problems.

I would recommend looking at PlayOn as an alternative. It’s a DVR for OTA channels that doesn’t require any external hardware (even an antenna), and can access and record shows from all the major OTA networks.

I’ve had mine for over 2 yrs, have a 1.25TB que of shows and have NEVER had a bad recording except when we have a power failure.

Yes, and you’re an n of 1. I would suspect they’d at least be at 4-sigma quality over the the reliable life of the product

Brand new Tablo 4 tuner and 1 show did not record all the way. Only 14 mins… I have 18 days until 30 days…

really? I wish I had the same experience. I opened a case for a continuing problem over a week ago and it took 2 business days (Fri and Mon) to get a form email telling me to put it in remote access mode. Then it took two more days for them to respond to my reply. To date they still haven’t even started to help me resolve my issue. I’m really frustrated with the whole thing. Love the Tablo when it works, but when it doesn’t, what good is it? Anyone ever used Channel Master?

Check your antenna, mate. I had broken recordings when the antenna signal was bad. I got that fixed and the problem went away.