Yet Another For the list - suddenly "Recording failed due to weak signal."

Seeing it time and time again more often. I haven’t changed anything, not to say new signals aren’t in the area. I would only rarely get an occasional random failed recording.

Now I’ve got 3rd with in a month. Well, 4 or six. Two shows set to record back to back, at 11pm and 12am yet. The first one - failed to tune, half hour later… unable to tune. 11 is news time in the east, so it’s not like they are doing “maintenance”

This is a channel I’ve never had an issue with. Watch regularly and never ever a blip during the day! To go from virtually none to 3 sets in a month…

Just one of those things… just will never know what it is :frowning:

I live NW of Austin - about 35-45 miles from the broadcast towers (I am lucky - they are basically all in one location - straight line from my house). When the temperature changes in Austin (mostly in the summer) from 100 degree days to the 70s at night, tropospheric propagation happens (the layers of hot/cold air in the atmosphere creates signals bouncing). I lose channels 14.1-14.4, 31.1-31.4 and sometimes 36.1-36.3. It isn’t that I am actually not able to see that signal, it is co-channel interference with stations from Houston (165-180 miles away) and San Antonio (90-130 miles away) that broadcast on the same frequencies. This usually happens between 10:00PM (CST) and 7:00AM (CST).

I watch ION (36.3) and the signal will drop to “no signal”, but channel 49.1 (Houston, 185 miles away) which is also ION comes in clear. About 10-15 minutes later, I lose 49.1 and 36.3 comes back (this is due to the signals stop bouncing), and another 10-15 minutes back to the same situation.

July and August are the worst time of year for me - and in December/January come in a close 2nd when a strong front comes in from the north.

There is almost nothing you can do (other than demand that Houston and San Antonio stop broadcasting) to negate this, as when two channels are on the same frequency, they “cancel” each other out.

Hope is in the future with ATSC 3.0, as it is supposed to be a more stable method of transmission.

I do take some of that into account. Late night/early morning I can get signals for “other directions” or lower power that I can get during the day. Late as night, it’s not a time to have an issue with a channel that works all day long.

I understand as for receptions, “a channel” includes all sub-channels as they are all broadcast -compressed- on the same frequency. It’s not like there’s a different frequency for 13.1 and 13.4 they use multiplexing and stuff.

I have wireless internet (not cellular). Currently it’s WiMAX, they also have LTE and LTE cell towers. When I had an LTE signal, with issues, the techs were here, claiming they’re tying to get updates… something about new AT&T tower/signal. So yes, there are also the “unseen” variables

Ok, yes, time of year. I’ve never noticed it with TV. I can’t confirm this, I believe about the time of the equinoxes, position of the Sun, impacts the quality of my signal for my internet. I have issues with speeds for a couple weeks yearly it seems. But this could be coincidental, and I haven’t actually kept track. Yes “the Sun” impacts RF signals.

I’ve rarely have “weak signal” issues… Other users are not bringing up similar issues while, others are not but can’t overlook the parallels with – NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.28

There are also a number of smaller enhancements that will improve performance for those who have channels with marginal or problematic reception

Well, when it did reboot, I had “segmented” recordings, now I get 0. (not that the reboot issue was acceptable, nor did I really have that problem)

Yup, just add me to the list of “suddenly I have reception problems” …after 22 months.

[edit] actually these recording were on tablo2 which I bout a year after tablo1, so I guess it’s only been in service just less than a year. I have scheduled the same on both tablo’s for testing

I usually run the beta versions of the software on my DVRs (I have two 4-tuner models), and the reception issues were driving me crazy. I would receive the channels with strength of 70% - 100% (measured on a digital tuner from WalMart - $40 - the antenna man uses it in his reviews). At night, it would report fluctuating signals of 20% - 40%, and the Tablo would show no signal.

I finally performed rescans during this period, and I went from 42 stations (normal during the day and 95% of the time) to 55 - 65 channels. Virtually all of the new channels were San Antonio/Houston channels, and the co-channel interference would cause no channels to be scanned on that frequency.

Before the digital tuner, I tried pre-amplifiers, different antennas, distribution amps, different cables, 4GLTE filters - tons of different things. Nothing fixed the problem. Since I know what it is now, I just accept the fact that I am going to lose those stations overnight sometimes. It sucks, as I miss NYPD Blue & Star Trek on H&I, and Law & Order on ION.

Will the channel you are having trouble happen to be one of public television like pbs?
Recently, several public television licensees have opted to take a technological step backward in exchange for cash from the FCC spectrum auction that will help finance their stations’ futures.

No, 13 WTVG never, over the years have I had an issue. Even odder, often get more channels later at night, not signal loss.

djk44883, since you mention WTVG I must be in the same area. I am also having problems with 13 and also 11. You’re not alone.

Yes, I live in greater NW Ohio. I generally have no problem with either of these nor 24, 36 or 30.

Until very recently anyhow. I have 2 tablo’s - I’ve been recording same shows on both, and it seems the issue is on one with a longer cable run – which has been in place for over a year ---- issue free.

Independently the second tablo was/is a refurbished unit, but it’s been in service since Oct '19 so that’s nothing.

@ronintexas has some technical info about atmosphere and related issues. In over 30yrs never seen this, but now I suspect it may be related to the extreme heat related weather… or another coincidence. It’s not as prevalent, but not completely 100%.

I also have a small fan on the tablo. It’s in an unused room, so it’s hot in there when it’s hot outside. (there’s too many conspiracy theories about overheating devices).

If I/we get a round two simultaneous government money I’m strongly considering getting a Quad. Have everything on one device “centrally located”. It would be nice if the long cable run worked like it always did, but I’m not sure I care to mess with it again.

I went with a direct cable run from the attic to a 3-way splitter (about 30’ of cable), and have two Tablo 4-tuner DVRs and a TV hooked up. I stream to the other devices in the home. When I tried to split to the TVs in the house, the reception wasn’t consistent (cable runs?), and so I went with streaming. The nice part? It is in a cool room, and I don’t have to worry about cabling. I let my Orbi Mesh Routers send out the signal.

The two Tablo DVRs perform about the same as the TV tuner (the TV will pixelate at about the same rate, but eventually recovers, where the Tablo gives the “no signal error” and doesn’t recover). On those summer nights where I have problems - I usually resort to streaming (Roku Channel, Stirr, Pluto, etc).

As the world changes, lot of things are different all the time. I know there are multiple ISPs providing wireless internet, LTE cell service, etc coming and going in areas and regions. Then there’s unknown topography changes that don’t even have to be in your vivacity to have an impact.

It’s also unknown, stations may be making equipment changes thinking ASTC 3 is a good thing for everyone… to monitor what consumers are doing to provide targeted ad “for an improved experience” and possibly have paid content.

I have no problem with a (single) split running +50’ around the house (RG6). The TV may have an occasional rare pixal, the tablo sometimes at least tries with segmented recordings but not always.

At the other end, about 10-15’ from the amp-splitter there’s a splitter for TVs and tablo. It has little to no problems.

Yea, the tablo does seem to be more sensitive and wants an ideal setup.

But really, until recently I didn’t have any real problem with this setup. It was just coincidental I had noticeable problems after firmware upgrade which included “enhancements” 2.2.28:

There are also a number of smaller enhancements that will improve performance for those who have channels with marginal or problematic reception, tweaks to the algorithm behind what is marked watched, and MUCH more.

Now that NW Ohio is in a temporary cool down, all my channels are coming in clear again.

There may be some improvements. I only have 4 recording from 13.6 this week without issue, time after 11pm.

But we’ve had record heat waves in years past and not lost reception… but I’m not usually up that late (I"m up at 4:30am) and only recently have more than 3 sub-channels each, so I may not have had a reason to record in the past.

Other channels seem to alright, I have noticed “across the board” failures a couple weeks ago, now it’s directly related to a lightening strike to the transformer on the utility pole knocking out the power.