Yet Another For the list - suddenly "Recording failed due to weak signal."

Tablo Tools has a very neat feature for determining the “quality” of your recordings. One of the tabs at the top is called “CLEAN”. The dropdown let’s you see all shows it calls “dirty”. That includes broken recordings. I use Tablo Tools and check every day or two and have found that it is often the same channel and typically, the show will be broken into two or more pieces. It allows you to delete those shows right then if you like but more importantly, you can see what has happened with your recordings.

I have found Tablo to be unforgiving for high signal strength. When I first installed my system, I figured with digital, more is better so I installed a yagi antenna in my attic, about 25 feet off the ground, and a line amplifier. I’m a little over 50 miles from the tower array. I had a myriad of issues, many related to a Tablo’s software that they fixed with the latest update but also had a LOT of dropped recordings and disconnects. To make a long story short(er), after some discussions with tech support, I not only removed the amplifier but put a 3dB splitter in front of the Tablo and virtually all my issues disappeared. I’m REALLY surprised that they don;t have a bullet-proof AGC (Automatic Gain Control) circuit in front of their receivers but it certainly appears that too much signal is NOT good for a Tablo and from the user’s perspective, looks just like low signal. I wish it had a REAL, dynamic signal strength meter. I think we would learn a lot about our setups and it would make signal troubleshooting MUCH easier. Try Tablo Tools and try LOWERING your signal strength. You might be surprised like I was.

Have you run a fresh channel scan after you tinkered with your setup? It’s worth noting that the signal strength details in the Tablo are not dynamic. They’re based on the strength at your last scan. It’s possible that some of your channels have weakened due to the lack of amp and the filter (which will also reduce signal strength slightly) to come in well enough to record.

A technically about clean/dirty. Tabo-Tools only reports what tablo reports. I’ve found some unusual instances were recordings were marked clean = false – it was several seconds short. Tablo’s web app showed nothing - it’s finished = true so shows no issue.

I was recording shows back to back, on both tuners, and it appears to have offset start/sop times. It’s rare, but dirty / finished isn’t bad. Posted here … bit more
Seems you also have to look at the color of the thermometer - or … several instances of the same recording, those are, as you sadly know, are the most obvious.

So are you saying a listing of all the shows Tablo says are “dirty” is available? I didn’t know that. Please tell me how to see within Tablo which shows it says are “dirty” or not clean.

Using Tablo-Tools -

I haven’t had any recently for further illustration. They cam be marked finished, tablo’s UI will not bother with the “dirty” flag - Tablo-Tools will still pass on the info.

I find it easier using a different app - APL Tablo to get the episode URL, but clicking on the i in the circle on a single via Tablo-Tools, epidode, drill down - root > video details > “state”, “clean”, “error”, > errors

note: Tablo-Tools does give you the episode “path”, but you have to concatenate together the complete URL. OR you could click the clipboard next to root and past that into a text pad and have much the same.

I thought you were saying that the native TABLO app would give me the same thing. If that’s what you’re saying, I don’t know how to see all the “dirty” (or incomplete) shows within Tablo itself and I’d appreciate it if you would tell me how to do that. I thought Tablo Tools was the only way to see them all listed at once and decide which ones I wanted to delete.

my post specifically -

Tablo, as reported via it’s JSON data - source for Tablo-Tools info - shows dirty, under rare certain circumstances. Web app and presumably other tablo UI, overlooks it, since it’s other wise good.