Wrong Channel Guide

My Tablo doesn’t show the right program guide for WPXI-TV 11.4 (PCNC), in Pittsburgh. It shows FaveTV. On the channel line up it show PCNC, but not on the channel guide. I’ve tried to rescan, but nothing has changed. I know that PCNC doesn’t show up on many channel listings, but why would it show up as FaveTV? Is there a known fix?

The usual advice from others is to try another local zip code, or if that doesn’t work, to open a support ticket. e.g.:

I have similar problems on Long Island, NY. I’ve opened up tickets with Tablo support. Their suggestions did not help. The issue seems to be with the database vendor.

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I have a similar problem, except in my case the program data for one channel is missing. Tablo support directed me to the following link:

At the bottom of the page you will see a March 2024 Update that describes a problem with their data provider which implies there will not be a quick fix.

I also have three PBS sub-channels that are incorrectly sequenced (the channel does not match the guide programs). However, when I scanned the channels on the TV, directly connected to an antenna, I had the same incorrect results. So this was not a problem with the Tablo or data provider, but instead there appears to be some error with the translator on the particular tower we receive. I contacted PBS and they said there was some maintenance done and the problem was rectified. However, I’m still seeing the same results, so I’m trying to check back with them. So there can be many players involved with these problems.