Wrong Program Guide for one Channel

One of about 100 channels on my tablo is identified incorrectly, the channel is Newsnet, but shown as PBS. I can watch the channel with the HD quality without any technical issues, but since the program guide is wrong, time after time I schedule recording of a movie and see news instead. I’ve opened a ticket, but maybe somebody has a quick fix for this already?

Try different zip codes near you and see if one of them has the correct mapping.

Thank you for a good advice. I checked Antennas Direct | List of Digital TV Stations and found that my zip 77382 is between two transmitter antennas in CollegeStation, TX, which actually transmits PBS on 12.1 and Houston, TX, using 12.1 for Newsnet. I tried to declare my zip as 77064 (~ 30 miles closer to Houston) and 77024 (almost downtown Houston) but nothing changed, 12.1 is still PBS, even after I seemingly forced program guide to refresh by rescanning channels for new zip code. The channel 12.1 station is properly identified as KHLM-LD which really includes Newsnet, however Wikipedia says that Newsnet is transmitted on 43.2, maybe this is some remapping between different protocols?

Open a ticket with @TabloSupport and they should be able to get this resolved with the guide provider for you.

I did, I am just not sure how fast they will reply. There also may be some unofficial workaround, like switching zip codes. I think their software generates some list of identified programs and downloads corresponding program guides. For example, HDHomeRun is much more open for users and even allows SSH login to start/stop DVR service.

Tablo doesn’t do any of the guide generation. They use a third-party provider that matches the location (zip code) and RF channel detected to a specific station. Then they download that station’s listing to your unit. The only workaround is to find a zip code that has the correct station identified. In your case, it sounds like none of them do, so they need to report the missing data to the guide provider.

It can take a couple days to a couple weeks to get fixed, depending on the third-party provider.

Could it be that tablo (or the guide provider)doesn’t like 2 or more channels with the same virtual channel number(12.1). And while KHLM is a low power station that use to broadcast on UHF 43 it now resides as a sub-channel of VHF channel 10.

That might be the transmitted channel but not channel on TV or Tablo.

Just to be sure you’re talking about the right things… “rescanning channels” doesn’t update the guide. You need to do an “Add to Guide” to do that (from the Edit Channel Lineup page).

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