So many channels with wrong guide

When will tablo start letting users fix incorrect guide data? Is it that hard to add a function that allows you to fix a mismatched guide. I have several of these errors and it’s very frustrating. In the past support has not helped saying firmware would eventually resolve this. No new firmware for a very long time. Still don’t understand why 6 of the best channels I get on my TV tuner aren’t picked up in scans. They’re local and strong signals? After two years I have not seen even a 1% Improvement in my tablo.

Mismatched as in it’s incorrect guide info for that channel? That would seem to be more an issue with the guide provider associating incorrect guide data for your zip code.

Did you try a different “near by” zip code for your guide data? I live in one zip code. The south side of town has a different zip code. One day my zip code no longer worked. I changed it to the south side zip code and everything was back to normal and has been for many years. I never changed it back to my zip code.

I’ve tried all of the local zip codes. They all produce similar results.

Still seems like something that could be easily fixed.

It is, have you opened a support ticket? They will forward the issue to the guide provider, who can get it fixed for your zip code.

Not in my experience but perhaps I’ll try again. Support up to now has been non-existent.

There are lots of posts on this community saying otherwise. Sometimes it can take a little while but if you open a ticket as indicated in that support article I linked, in almost all cases the issue gets resolved.

I’m a new Tablo user, and so far I’m very satisfied with my Dual Lite. The guide data isn’t as good as I expected though. I’ve submitted a couple of support tickets it the past couple weeks, and they’ve passed my information to their guide data provider, but nothing has been updated in my guide yet. Thankfully, most the problem channels are nothing I watch (shopping and religious), so it’s not that big of a deal.

I also tried changing my ZIP Code to see if that trick would work, but it didn’t. I live on the edge of the Indianapolis market, so I changed my ZIP Code to be the one for downtown Indianapolis. It didn’t change a thing, so I switched it back.

I wonder how many guide data providers exist. I haven’t noticed any issues with my Samsung TV’s guide, so I assume they’re using a different one.

In Tablo devices, has anyone else noticed that the channel names sometimes differ between the full guide and the mini guide that you can use while viewing a channel? I wonder why this is the case.

Hi @GlennW,

Just out of curiosity, what client are you using to access your Tablo app on? (For example Roku, Nvidia Shield, Fire TV stick, Apple TV, etc).

Also, when you said you changed your ZIP to see if that fixed the problem, did you then do a full channel rescan afterward? If you don’t do this, the ZIP code change won’t affect what channels you see in your guide. @bozopolis this also may apply to you if you tried changing your ZIP to no avail.

Otherwise yes, as @Nilex says, please open a support ticket, we will be happy to resolve the issue with the guide data provider.

Hi @TabloBetaAdmin,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I mostly use Roku, but I still use other clients, including the Android app and I’ve also tried the Windows 10 app and the Samsung TV app. I probably use Roku 90% of the time, but I’ll use the Android app or the web client, if I want to quickly schedule a recording, watch something for a few minutes, etc.

I’m pretty sure I rescanned after changing my ZIP Code, but I tried it again, just to be sure. After the rescan, some stations that I mentioned having guide issues dropped-off, due to weak signals, but the problems are still there for the ones that remain. Again, none of it is blocking or hindering my viewing. I’ve already submitted two support tickets, to which Tablo Support has already responded, so I’ll just patiently wait for the changes make it to my guide.