Would like to get answer

Continuing the discussion from Crappy dvr, not ready for the wild (ancient post):

Would like to get “D’s” answer or your answer before u lock please.
Thx Subscriber…

Their answer never really seems to change :repeat:


The answer is that my only experience with this problem has been with external drives.
IMHO, internal drives lack sufficient capacity (in many, not all cases) and can be impractical.
There’s no reason why this problem wouldn’t affect internal drives as well.
…as well as no (constructive) input from Tablo or any attempt to resolve this problem!
…“and the answer is”: close down the thread!!
When the going gets tough, the (not so) tough retreat!
…with the excuse that it’s too old (even though it’s now current again)!:laughing:
There’s your excellent Tablo support, folks!

…and neither does yours!
No matter how constructive my criticism may be!
…and this WAS constructive criticism!

Yea, that’s what I’m saying about by how constructive I am… bla bla bla

Thanks for bringing all that to light.
Good to know for many new users…

The constructive part was the first 3 sentences. Your post would have been great had it stopped there.

I’m sorry to have dissapointed you!..but I’m not here to please you or anyone else that either works for the company or can’t handle criticism (even if it is constructive)!
Everything in my posts is factual.
You dislike my writing style?
Don’t read my posts!
…and perhaps then, there will be less (intentional) distractions for the users/contributors (such as “josess11” above) that are here for unbiased facts and opinions.
Not just defensiveness of a questionable product (I didn’t use “flawed” this time… happy?).

If this is what you were presenting I would have no issues. The reality is, it is not. I desire for current and potential customers to truly be aware of BOTH sides of the aisle.

Your reality differs from actual reality then, since people reading these posts ARE being made aware of BOTH sides of the aisle!
If you’re unhappy with the negativity, do something to influence change at the company …vs. creating distractions to try to diffuse the facts!
…and they are the facts (regardless of how you choose to spin it)!

From your perspective, or reality. Just as I view my comments as valid - you claim them to be biased since they don’t follow your view.

Your fact based claims are relative. :repeat:

Came for the tech talk, stayed for the comedy 🤣 :repeat:

No matter how much someone wants Tablo to become a media library with hot swappable drives, I’m sure there are plenty of other valid features that come before these two.

But it’s not a comedy. It almost like halloween married to the night of the living dead.

If you want the ultimate media library, you should hook up plex. You can have hundreds of hard drives if you wish, and you can use tablo tools to take the shows from Tablo and store them. Plex also has tools to import media from almost everywhere.

The Tablo works great for a single drive (no swapping) DVR. It is designed to be a simple “plug and play” DVR, easy to setup, easy to use and for the general public. Amazon Recast and TiVo also excel in this market.

Even with Plex and other Media servers, you still won’t get 100% of everything you want in a device. This is the drawback of technology.

You would think something as simple as phones would be universal these days. I have a Samsung phone because it connects to my PC and I can send/receive texts, calls and notifications. I can even view the phone’s screen on the PC. It works with Android Auto in my car. However, it doesn’t work with wireless Android Auto - that only works with the iPhones. And unfortunately, the iPhones don’t work with the PC.

There isn’t one solution that does it all - so if I want it all, I have to have two phones. That is just the way it is…