Crappy dvr, not ready for the wild (ancient post)

You usually keep your thoughts fairly isolated to the appropriate threads. I think we all get you are displeased. And while there is some validity to that “squeaky wheel” analogy you have mentioned before, you start doing it all the time and go beyond constructive criticism and you start weakening your own message.

Aside from my (appropriate) responses to the person who keeps insisting upon harassing me above (not you), my post above does contain mostly constructive criticism (as usual), whether you choose to interpret it as it’s intended or draw your own conclusions from it (your preogative…but it only serves as a distraction from what’s reality with this device and with this company).

No, It is true that there is an alternative available to getting ripped off by cable or satellite companies.
Tablo is not perfect but for the low cost I’m willing to deal with a little inconvenience.
That’s all I’m saying.
If you want to continue getting ripped off by cable, be my guest, its a free country.

I understand, 6 years is a long time.
Tablo should be trouble free by now if all other devices its linked to were to remain the same.
This little unit has to continue to adapt to changing technology over the years.
The developers need to deal with many 3d party companies and proprietary issues.
Just thinking about what Tablo has to manage to make everything work perfectly.

Automatically Reformatting your drive is a biggie, haven’t happened to me (yet).
Was that issue resolved? How did it happen?

Totally agree with you, was just clarifying what you were referring to.

I’m new to this community…now i have to find and check the dates of threads so i don’t answer ancient blogs…my bad.

You should see a warning when trying to resurrect an ancient thread.

Wondering if the “warning” should be disabled for Halloween (the living dead).

Maybe a better analogy than “the squeaky wheel” would be the “catch more flies with honey” analogy.

I have found that I get better results by discussing and understanding an issue or problem with someone than brow-beating or bitching to them about it.

I’ve had my Tablo going on 6 years now. I figure that in this period of time, I would have spent $10K-$14K for cable or satellite services. While the Tablo my not be the “gold standard” as some expect it to be, I figure I’m still way ahead of the game.

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Ha good one!

Seems that you misinterpreted what I was saying.
I was saying that there are other (and better) alternatives to using cable/satellite.
I also never said that I was a cable/satellite subscriber.
I “cut the cord” quite a few years ago and I’ve never looked back (especially with various steaming options).
…but I’ve had better experiences prior to the Tablo.
Even one that had no subscription fees at all!

If you go look at that actual post, he was replying to me, not you.

A “biggie” is an understatement!
Yet Tablo seems to have has no intention of resolving it!
It occurs if you disconnect a Tablo drive (that’s all or mostly full), connect a new drive (to start making fresh recordings) and then decide to reconnect the previous drive futuristically (to watch previous recordings).
Far from being out of the realm of reality.
The Tablo (in it’s infinite wisdom) re-formats the previous drive and in turn, deletes all of those recordings!
It chooses to not recognize the previous drive (even though they were married previously)!
Sheer genius, isn’t it??
This has never occurred with any other DVR (at least in my experience).
There’s no logical reason why it can’t simply recognize that it’s a Tablo drive and that it doesn’t require (redundant) formatting!
The only option (other than some convoluted method of perhaps accessing the drive on a computer) is to purchase another Tablo and maintain “matched pairs” (Tablo and drive).
How’s that for ridiculous??
Was told that they were “working on it” two years ago (and several times afterward).
It’s obviously never even been on their radar!

Here is related information from a recent post:

That’s funny!..“a host of bad things can happen”.
Sounds like a visit to a haunted house!:ghost:
No “host” of bad things. One bad thing.
The deletion of your entire previous drive!
…and the database is deleted once there’s the next nightly maintenance! there’s no “as long as” (since it can’t be avoided)!
Your recordings are toast (should you ever want to access them on the Tablo)!
…but don’t be scared, boys and girls.
They’re "working on it":roll_eyes:

Sure, but not near as common as you seem to think it is, at least for the general user.

You are the one of the most dangerous types of users. You aren’t just trolling, there IS some validity to some of the shortcomings you post about, I’ve even directly said that.

However, your mostly negative approach to the product is not a constructive discussion, it’s just repeating the same things over and over. Even your username reflects your general attitude toward the product.

It’s not so much WHAT you are saying, it’s HOW you continue to say it. If you are so displeased with the product, move to something else.

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Sorry to read that.I agree that is stupid…should at least give u a warning or option not to reformat.

No sure if i missed this but, are u writing about an external hard drive powered by usb or Tablos with internal (removable) storage.

OK folks. This is a super old post and it’s not accomplishing anything so I’m going to lock it.