Crappy dvr, not ready for the wild (ancient post)

I’m thinking of switching to TiVo. Too often does the loading please wait pop up and interrupts watching a show. Just now my tablo wouldn’t load any channels and after sitting on the lpw for a minute it would kick out of the channel. This device isn’t ready for prime time imho. I really wanted to like this product, but for what I paid for this dvr, it should work.

Have you spoken with support yet?

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Please explain how contacting support right now when I’m having an issue will help? This device has too many problems to be considered a working product. I feel like I paid a premium to be a beta tester.

And nothing I’ve done has fixed the issue so far. I’ve rebooted the tablo, pulled the power, reset my network and the roku and still won’t keep a steady stream. All I want is a dvr that can record and watch tv.

Is your Tablo running the 2.2.8 firmware?
If not, you’ll probably find that it corrects the issues your seeing. It did for me at least.

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If you live in the Roku world I can understand your frustration and I almost trashed the whole system. The Tablo/Roku inability to play nice is unacceptable. I then discovered that Tablo worked very well via IOS and streaming to my Apple TV. When the native app completes testing, the ATV 4 experience should be great. If you are not an Apple fan then you might want to consider - Nexus; forum input indicates flawless performance. I took a very close look at TIVO and could not accept the initial cost and the on-going subscription service. Tablo is not perfect and I miss clicking on a channel and having it pop right up but it has done all I need it to do for me… And more. Right now I am on vacation in Hilton Head and just watched my local news on my iPad via my back home Tablo.

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I got 2.2.7 pushed to my tablo Friday because of an issue and support also connected to it to see why I missed a recording and said they’d email me and have not.

Ok then, I just asked to see what point you were at in the support chain. I was also going to follow up with the 2.2.8 firmware question as well. Good luck.

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I had a series of recordings that I thought were missed as well (with 2.2.6) but it turns out they were all there but hidden. 2.2.7 was supposed to automatically retrieve them, but didn’t in my case. Support was able to fix the issue and all my recordings were indeed there and perfectly recorded.
I haven’t had that problem since.
Hopefully that is the same for yours as well.

@TabloMark Can you PM me the email address your ticket is under? I don’t see anything from you at the moment. We’d be happy to connect with you and get things up and running.

The 2.2.8 firmware currently rolling out helps with Roku playback. Most of the current Tablo problems are related to Roku. Rather than switch out your entire DVR system you may want to consider switching out just the streamer. I got fed up with the loading please waits on Roku and picked up a Nexus Player on sale. It has much better playback for Tablo.

I agree the playback on Nexus Player is the best of everything I have. They also have The Weather Network which is also available as website and Android phone. Not on Roku.

This is false.

I did not say it fixes it, but it does help. Roku play back is still an issue for some people. I still see LPW when testing mine, but a lot less of them then before.


Why do you assume that just because 2.2.8 did not help you with Roku playback, it did not help some others with Roku playback issues? It has helped with Roku playbacks for many people - some of whom have posted in the Community. So @nicholb’s statement is most certainly true.


If I were reading that statement as an earlier version user, I would assume that means it would help everyone who updates to 2.2.8 on the Roku.

That is false.

I purchased the Nexus Player because I saw that so many on this board raved about it. I, on the other hand, have not been able to get the Nexus Player working with the Tablo despite multiple steps. My whole system is not out of whack. Originally the guide would not populate on the Nexus and I could not see my recorded shows. After reboots (tablo, network, streaming devices) and channel updates and version updates, I now have an unworkable system. My once stable Note 4 cannot get guide or recorded shows. Attempts to update my channels tells me the sync was unsuccessful. When I do get it someone working, I look at scheduled shows and each show has multiple options for recording…all at the same time…and only 1 that has a channel assigned…and that is not the one selected to record…so I haven’t been able to record shows for days now. Before you ask, I do have a ticket open.

Another note on switching from roku to nexus that is becoming an issue for me is that there are no apps in the playstore for espn, vudu and amazon prime…I get all these on the roku.

So, if you are going to get a nexus; I wish you the best of luck. I haven’t seen anyone on the boards have a negative experience with it. Personally, I wish the Roku didn’t have as many issues as I have seen and read, because it does give me a one stop place for more apps than the other options out there without having to jump through many hoops. I was looking at the Tivo Bolt, but that has missing apps that the roku provides me. There isn’t 1 great solution out there yet, just many good and so-so solutions. Cord cutting is really still at the infant stage of the life cycle and it will get better…maybe not as fast as my wife would like, but it will.

I think I understand now. As an earlier version user, you assumed the words:

"The 2.2.8 firmware currently rolling out helps with Roku playback."

mean that 2.2.8 firmware would solve every Roku playback issue for every user who updates.

OK then. Perhaps before you bluntly state “That is false” you may want to consider whether the words that @nicholb wrote might have a different meaning. For example, you might have simply said, “The 2.2.8 firware update did not solve my Roku playback issue.”

I didn’t assume anything. It’s right there in the statement.

There are no conditions in the statement, e.g. …helps with some Rokus, or perhaps …helps user issues with Roku 4s but not all Roku 3s, or perhaps …helps with Roku playback of some shows but not others, or …helps Roku users who are left-handed and celebrate Kwanzaa etc. etc.

Anyway, as it stands, it is false (or at best incomplete), bluntly stated or not. I wish it weren’t. As a Roku user, I’d love for 2.2.8 to help out with playback for all users in all cases, however unlikely that is.

@forthwest wrote: "I didn’t assume anything. It’s right there in the statement. "

Ah. What threw me off was when you originally said: “I would assume that means it would help everyone who updates to 2.2.8 on the Roku.”

Anyway, I do hope your problems get resolved.

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