While watching live TV, get kicked out back to guide

This is the second time I’ve asked for help in this area. While watching TV in the live mode, without any warning I get kick out of the program i’m watching and back to the guide. I will have to attempt to access the show several times before i’m watching again. It almost acts like my internet is dropping. I’ve had that checked (all good) and have used Fire TV and multiple Roku’s to see if there was a streaming hardware issue. No luck. I’m stumped and help would be greatly appreciated. Side note, this was happening on playback for sometime but has not happened in a month (knock on wood).

As soon as Live TV pops back to the guide you could go to your tablo server and see if it’s rebooting.

Over the last 3-4 months this issue has probably had 50-100 posts in various threads.

You can find various alleged causes:

  1. bad usb cable - yet you can still record and playback recorded shows
  2. bad disk - yet you can still record and playback recorded shows.
  3. bad roku os update - that didn’t fly after people using apple TV reported the problem
  4. watching Live TV puts too much strain on the tablo server tuner software - one of my favorites.

Some people never see the problem. Many people with the problem have just stopped using the Live TV feature until the problem disappears.

You can always open a support ticket and see what they have to say.


I haven’t had this happen lately, but when it did, I rebooted my ROKU Model 4 and the problem went away.


Thank you for the input. I did open a support ticket some months ago and they listed it as a Roku issue. I have multiple Roku, FireTV and an android boxs. Happens on all of them. I’ve rebooted several times, no luck. I have not replaced my hard drive, so I’ll give that a shot. Thanks again.

@Bobrowe62 There is a Roku issue affecting live and recorded playback. This is specific to the Roku video player only, though. If this is happening on devices other than the Roku, it’s definitely worth taking another look. Let us know if swapping the drive helps - or we can take a look before you do that.

@TabloSupport, can you summarize the “Roku issue”? I have been having this issue for months now and it’s not improving. Is there any indication of a resolution?

Essentially, the behaviour here is that the Roku will ‘kick’ you back to the previous screen during a live or recorded broadcast. It is documented heavily here:

Our engineers were able to reproduce this and confirm it is a bug with the Roku video player. This has been documented on other Roku apps, including Netflix, among others.

It’s worth noting that a few users had ‘weak signal’ errors that could have lead to the Tablo rebooting. This caused some confusion - these were two very different issues. We believe Roku is still investigating this, and we’re hopeful we’ll see a fix in their next update.

Based on the causes listed above, is tablo planning on fixing what it calls tablo rebooting due to watching Live TV with weak signals.

I have tablo rebooting to what tablo calls weak signal. First a server shouldn’t reboot due to watching Live TV due to weak signal. Does recordings shows cause a reboot due to weak signal? Second, I don’t have weak signal during the reboot. You can switch immediately to direct antenna and see a signal strength of 90%-100%. No pixelation, etc.

Of course if I just attach an antenna and watch Live TV that way, my Live TV problem goes away. And so does the mythical weak signal.

I was glad to see this topic, but not so much to find out there is no solution.

Echoing others, I haven’t had to touch my Tablo for a long time. Early growing pains, stood it on its side, and no issues since. Now, getting kicked to the guide a lot. Roku 3, Roku TV. I’ve been to the attic to adjust antenna due to signal strength posts. I’ve rebooted Tablo and let it cool down because of past concerns with heat. Still happening.

At least seeing this post, I won’t go drop a lot of $$ on a more powerful antenna. I guess I wait for Roku to save the day?