Roku 4: Randomly exiting out of Live TV to the grid

Over the last couple of weeks, my Roku 4’s have randomly exited out to the grid while watching live TV. It was especially bad last week, to the point where it was unusable. It was happening every 10-15 minutes. I did the usual reset, but it persisted. Then I did a factory reset on the Tablo…and it was better for a few days, but now it’s done it a few times again today. Nothing has changed on my setup. In fact, I hadn’t had to fiddle with the Tablo for probably 3 months prior to this. This was on 2 separate Roku 4s, both ethernet to the Tablo.

Has anyone seen anything similar? I know Roku put out a new firmware a couple of weeks ago…but the issues didn’t seem to exactly correlate with the upgrade.

What Tablo firmware version are you running?
Or are you running the v2.2.9 beta build?

Also, the Roku 4 firmware update v7.1.0 buld 4062-17, is wreaking havoc on the Netflix app.
It’s also making the Tablo Roku app on my Roku 4 resume from pause take a lot longer occassionally.

V2.2.8 roku 3 (4200) via 5g. I’ve had mine pop out of live time. Sometimes back to the grid and sometimes out of the app. But it’s infrequent. Sometimes once every 2-3 days. If it pops to the grid restarting live tv plays with no problem. If it pops out of the app I usually reboot the roku.

I’m running 2.2.8…Roku 4’s on 7.1.0 build 4062.

I think this could happen if your live tv tuner was taken over for a recording.

Yeah, I don’t think that was the case with me. I have a quad-tuner, and we actually record very few programs. And also, I was actually the only one in the house when it was exiting-out of programs today. It was also at seemingly random times in the middle of half-hour blocks…not at a time where a recording would be expected to begin/end.

I am really beginning to think its the Roku 7.1 software. All of my MANY Rokus have been flawless, even back when everyone else was having constant LPWs last November, no problems at all on multiple Roku 3s & 4s.

1 day after upgrading to 7.1, the issue described above started to occur. Randomly just jumping back to the live grid.Not often, just enough to be annoying. Decided I wouldn’t upgrade any more of them to 7.1 but eventually I needed to push a channel to the Roku after adding it via web, which required hitting that Update button on the Roku. Sure enough, grabbed 7.1 on another Roku 4 and using Tablo 30 minutes later, it jumped out of Live TV and back to the grid.

I have also had the strange NETFLIX issues too, having to reboot the Roku 4 nightly to clear those up as well.

Unfortunately, the Rokus will automatically update themselves to 7.1.x, when Roku triggers a firmware push.
No way to stop that automatic update besides disabling your Roku’s networking or completely keeping the power off.
But then you can’s use those Rokus.

Understand. So far none of the ones that I didn’t initiate have been updated. I am sure its coming for all of them very soon though.

You might be able to go back to older Roku firmware by doing this…
Go to this secret Roku menu screen by pressing the following Roku remote buttons, pretty quickly…

Home … 5 times
FF … 3 times
RW … 2 times

Then select ‘Update Software’
It’ll display the firmware version currently installed, and the version you can upgrade or downgrade to.
In my case, it looks like this…
… from version to version…

If I select ‘Continue’ it would downgrade my Roku 4 to firmware v7.0.0 build 8906.

I don’t know when the Roku would automatically get upgraded back to 7.1.0 build 4062 again though.

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@DaFury Send a ticket to our support team. If this has happened recently (and frequently, like you mentioned) we can set up a remote session to your Tablo to check things out.

TabloSupport…will do. I’ll open one up next time it starts acting up. It’s so infrequent that I suspect it will be difficult to troubleshoot. It hasn’t happened at all today (although I’ve only used it for about an hour).

I’m going to blame the Roku 7.1 software also. Happened to the wife today when she was watching a recording. This is on Roku3 on the new 7.1 Roku software. Never experienced this in the 15+ months I’ve had the Tablo so it must be the Roku. Funny how Roku always finds a way to bodge things up.

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This happened to me today on Roku 3 with the latest non-beta software from Tablo and Roku (2.4G). Along with the random LPW time loops, watching live TV was even more of a chore than usual…

This is happening for more than just Tablo now. Saw some posts on the Roku forum with others having it happen on other channels as well.

So far it has done it on the Syfy channel multiple times and the kids claim it happened on PBS & Disney Jr as well…

Roku believes in releasing code to everyone to beta test it, unlike @TabloTV. They test it internally and then to the beta testers prior to everyone. I’ve caught a couple of bugs, and think others might have as well. The point being we knew what we were getting into for beta, and everyone didn’t have the problems
One in particular I remember is EPG was correct but all the sub channels were broadcasting the -1 channel.