What the actual fu…

Watching the news at11:06 or so and the screen goes black and the message”Optimizing guide data” comes up. And it did for five or six minutes, going off line and returning to normal.

Hi it is discussed in these two Topics

I have a Quad HDMI which after installation I turned off its access to Internet and last night used all of the first two weeks free trial data and had no guide data. Don’t know time as I didn’t make note of time when it chose to optimize.
Was quick as no data to optimize. :grinning:
Purchased as it is capable of usage without internet or data once installed with initial internet connection and possibly brief to update channel guide (not sure if then it would actually require brief connection)

From what I can read, It happens, and its going to continue to happen. Merde.

You might get in touch with Tablo Support though. Mine happens at 3am so rarely does it interrupt a watch session.

Good Luck!


Completely frustrating… happens at 3am… Some people have made a feature request to be able to pick the time. Most of us just accept it and move on.

Quad HDMI with on purpose no internet and no guide data Optimized at 3:41 a.m. Was in Schedule screen. Brief as no data to optimize.