Guide Data Optimizing

Has anyone else experienced the Tablo suddenly dropping the Live TV and screen going to “optimizing guide data” ? Mine has never done this before , or at last not at 6:26 PM . ( every night this week).

Yea, mine usually does this about 3am if I remember correctly.

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Yeah, mine too. Yet this week it is happening at 6:26 PM. The plus side it isn’t take the length of time it usually does.

Open a Support Ticket with Tablo Support. Have them check your logs as to why it’s happening at “prime time”.

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All three of my units did at the same time. Seems like it was after 1:30 PM PST.

Maybe we are being optimized for a reason.

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I plan on doing it in the morning. (Tablo offices was already closed when it happened) Thanks for the suggestion.

Definitely shouldn’t be happening this early - could be there’s a time zone issue? Either way, if you’ve already sent us a ticket I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Here is the answer to my optimizing:

  1. Some time after 2:30AM PDT the power company had some kind of unannounced planned or unplanned electricity outage.

  2. the power returned at exactly 8AM PDT.

  3. I checked the time on all 3 units and it was correct. And the 10AM recording kicked off correctly.

  4. I normally don’t use Live TV but I did for the 1PM local news.

  5. around 1:30PM all three units got optimized.

  6. At 7:30 PM I checked all three units for last guide update. 1 said 7 hours. 2 said 9 hours.

I can only assume/conclude that what ever scheduler being used may function on number of ticks and not actual clock time. And may not disallow delayed/missed maintenance from occurring during the day.

Does the guide data maintenance take higher priority than watching Live TV, and recording?
I’m rarely up around 3AM watching Live TV, but I do have recordings scheduled throughout the day.

Not recordings, but it will boot you out of Live TV playback. Making nightly maintenance less intrusive is one of the things we want to do over the coming year.

I look forward to this accomplishment.

About a week ago, I began clearing the decks (so to speak) from 3AN to 4AM (no recordings or Live TV during that period)… and I have found less problems (mainly split recordings that had been plaguing me). Since I have dedicated this time for the daily maintenance. Hard to tell with so little information, but I do believe it has had a beneficial effect.

I assume you have used the settings page to verify when your unit does the guide update.

I have one unit that comes close to 3AM-4AM and 2 units that seem to update between 2AM-3AM.

I was just watching live TV when the Optimizing Guide Data notification came up. Time was around 7:20 pm EST. Tablo is still on 2.2.27.

It’s been just over a year since this post, I understand “the coming year” has been like no other… any update on the progress with tweaks on maintenance mode?

Yes, somewhat randomly late at night. The time of day seems to be off.