Can I change the timing of the daily "Optimizing Guide Data"


The “Optimizing Guide Data” usually occurs at the same time daily. Occasionally the exact time will change slightly, but it always occurs between 2 and 3 am. I am often still watching shows at that time and this temporarily interrupts my viewing and forces me to navigate back to the show/episode and resume viewing. It is quite annoying. Is there any way I can reschedule this daily event to occur later in the night (like 5-6 am?).


Sorry Jim. There isn’t a way to switch it right now but we’re hearing from a lot more night owls like you recently.

We’re talking internally about the best way to make this happen for the small number of folks who aren’t tucked in by 2 a.m.


There are also a few people that would prefer to power off their PVR (my mother as an example) overnight. Being able to choose the time of the maintenance tasks would make their lives easier.

Note: I realize the Tablo doesn’t use much electricity, but for the power conscious it is quite common to connect the entire home entertainment system to a power bar and switch it off before going to bed.


Also vote for this…I’m a night owl too, usually up working during the guide processing time.


This feature should offer at least three options:

  • Automatic (same as current)

  • Manual on Demand

  • User Designated Time