WARNING: Tablo ENGINE + Android Pie Update

Hi folks -

If you’re using Tablo ENGINE and you haven’t updated your NVIDIA SHIELD, please hold off for the time being.

We have reports that this firmware update is not interacting well with the Tablo ENGINE app.

We’re hopeful we’ll be able to get a fix out soon.

To bad I could not have read this last night. Tablo Engine starts but does not open and run. So I am dead in the water for OTA

Rats, read this too late.

Does Chromecast functionality work in the interim? Not that it’s a great solution, but temporary?

Is the Tablo Engine the same thing as Tablo Preview or use the same guts? I couldn’t scroll around in Tablo Preview and had to go back to the original Tablo app after the update. Multiple reboots didn’t help.

I saw a message a couple months ago about getting into the beta group to get early access to new features. Does the beta work with Pie? If so, how do we get access?


Alas it does not. The changes to the operating system have affected how both the public and beta apps interact with the SHIELD.

Thankfully only minor tweaks are required so we should be able to share some positive news soon.

Stay tuned!

How would one join the public beta (once the update for Pie is in place)?

Just drop me a direct message with the email address connected to your Google Play account and I’ll get you hooked up.

What about the Tablo Preview app? I just need it to watch live TV and no recording.

Does it still work with Android Pie on the Shield TV?

Also, Google issues developer devices (adt-2) for free. I have one and it’s been on Pie for a year now.

It seems this thread is just about the Tablo ENGINE DVR app and Pie, not the Tablo app or Tablo PREVIEW app which are used with the standalone Tablo DVR boxes.

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I’m aware but I’m not the first person to ask and it’s a good place to ask since it’s about Shield TV and Pie

My nVidia Shield is running Android Pie and I am not having any problems accessing either one of my Tablo units using either the Tablo app or the Tablo Preview app.

As @theuser86has indicated, the warning from @TabloTV was for the Tablo Engine and Android Pie combination.

You people weren’t warned by Tablo before NVidia released the update that tablo engine was going to bust yet you’re baffled that I am trying to find out if the same thing could happen with their other apps.

You can’t just assume things are going to work with tablo since they weren’t even capable of stopping this from happening when Pie has been out on the adt-2 for a year.

Good grief.

PREVIEW appears to be mostly unaffected.

There are sporadic reports of navigation oddities but we’ve been unable to reproduce any we’ve seen in house.

Just want to confirm. Is there a beta for the Engine app? If so, I’d like to jump on that if possible once the issue with Android Pie is sorted.

Unfortunately for me, I upgraded before seeing this. Hopefully the fix comes soon.

There is currently a Beta ongoing. A lot of new features that put it on par with the current other Tablo apps. I’d contact support directly on Monday and see what they can do for you.

Tablo offices are closed this coming Monday, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday.


…or on Tuesday as 3rdRockOKC so kindly corrected me.

Hey folks - We think we’ve got a fix nailed down that we’ll be distributing to our beta team soon. If they give a thumbs up we’ll distribute it to everyone shortly thereafter.