Volume level too low


It was a problem for me too. Had to turn the volume up on all Roku devices, Roku 3, 1st gen stick and 2nd gen stick. Also on HP Slate Pro running Android 4.2 using Bluetooth audio to an amplified speaker it was so low it was unusable as I couldn’t hear it unless I put my ear to it. I finally switched the hdmi input and put a Roku stick on it which was better but still too low in some scenes. Gave up and couldn’t run Tablo on that device.


The volume on the Tablo app is also very low on AndroidTV (straight from my Sony Bravia). We need to crank it up as much as 2-3 times higher than other apps.


Would love to see a volume boost option. The recording levels are too low. It’s consistent for us across all devices. Roku, android, windows, etc


I would also like to chime in that the audio needs to be turned up as well.

All shows before the Tablo were only needed on my system to be turned to volume 38 to hear normally. Now, we find ourselves turning it up to volume 52 to get to the 38 volume before Tablo.

This is on all my TV sets.

My upstairs TV went from normal audio before Tablo to volume 8, to now volume 13.


Also make sure your audio is matched to the Tablo on the TV. Tablo is doing 2-channel. I know this can make a huge difference with regards to volume.


I agree with jerryg1. Leave it alone!


Anyone else tried the new Roku Ultra yet?

It very well could be my imagination or my particular setup but I am not noticing the variation between Tablo and most of the other apps / channels anymore…

Switching between Tablo, Amazon, Hulu, Smithsonian, Crackle, Pluto & more, not having to change the volume more than 2 or 3 notches… Netflix is an exception, it is louder but even that is not as much as it was in the past.

It appears to me that Roku is doing SOMETHING to try to regulate the volume… Or I could just be dreaming it.

Truth is, I am one that never minded the lower Tablo volume anyway, in fact in some cases I preferred it. My surround sound system always has a LOT more room up top to get louder but Tablo was one of the few I could actually get low enough to not feel like I was going to wake the kids…


Exactly. I had a friend who wore a hearing aid. When I told him I was sorry, he said don’t be, I can easily turn down the noise.
Stuff on You Tube can change from barely audible to blasting without ever moving the volume control.


Yes, I have the same problem…

In using Fire TV going to a large HD TV that has an External sound system connected to it, I can turn up the volume to a better level.

On my PC, even when turned as HIGH as it will go, it’s still low…


I’m a TV broadcast engineer and am just now playing with my first TabloTV unit. The audio levels on web and via my Fire Stick are indeed WAY too low. Proper levels are not a matter of debate --as have been done on this forum. Instead, they are a matter of conforming to industry standards. Put simply, TabloTV is either recording or playing back audio levels too low and this needs to be fixed.


Hey mate, why are the adverts so bleeding loud?

(absent the chavvy words.)


Since this thread has been going on for over 2 years and a TV broadcast engineer has join the discussion maybe they can explain why:

  1. I have a 4200 Roku where the tablo sound level is lower then direct antenna and most ott services.

  2. I have a 4210 Roku where the tablo sound level is the same as direct antenna and most ott services.

  3. CBS News OTT is very loud on both devices.


And also why the sound on my 2 Roku 3s, Nexus Player, Mii Box, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, 3 Tvs, 2 computers is FINE???


Netflix on Roku is always louder than OTA on TV which is louder than Plex on Roku. In my setup. So, don’t think this is just a “Tablo” thing.


Okay, how do we check to see if our Tablos are conforming to industry standards or not?
What is the industry standard for sound level, in decibels, at a given device volume?


Agreed. Several factors at play here that may affect some but not the majority. Leave it alone Tablo.


What are “proper levels”? How are “industry standards” defined - by whom?
Too many factors and variables at play IMNSHO to definitively place issue with Tablo. This has been kicked around many times with consensus on leaving it as is.


I have to agree the volume level is low on all my playback devices when using the Tablo when compared to other services such as Netflix. But if it doesn’t affect everyone, it should just be left alone.

I think the easiest fix would be to capture the native AC3 stream for those who want it, untouched audio. But I am not starting that debate now lol


For us, Netflix via Roku comes in way too loud (compared to OTA, etc.)

In other words, at least for us, Netflix probably shouldn’t be the “standard” otherwise, everything will sound really low.

Which is to say, at least for us, Netflix is the thing that should change.


I didn’t mean to imply Netflix was a standard, it is just very commonly used so it was a baseline I was using.