Volume level too low


Since you now have a custom transcoder, just add the ‘-af’, ‘volume=1.5’ (or whatever) to your transcode. Just an idea.


Funny, i was just researching those options and wondering about them since TabloRipper had the option to adjust volume I was thinking there had to be a way with SurLaTablo. Trying to fish on my own and not ask until I had played around a bit. :wink:

Thanks for anticipating the question though.


In my opinion, the very thing that gives Tablo the advantage over other systems is also the cause for the trouble.

The fact that Tablo tries to play nice with EVERY home eco-system and many streaming devices. What works for 80% of the wifi routers, may not work for the other 20%. What works well on AppleTV may not work quite as well on Roku but other things may work better.

I bought the Tablo because I can view it on so many different things. Its not absolutely perfect, but for me it is 99.9%…

That is a perfectly fine trade off for what I can view it on.

As an example, it would have been easy for them to say Roku isn’t powerful enough so we will support all streamers EXCEPT that, they would have had less complaints, but they also wouldn’t have me (and I assume many others) as customers.

Similar issue here for volume. No way could they anticipate every scenario, for me, the volume level is just fine, if I was to complain it would be that others, Netflix, Hulu & Prime, are too loud. On 3 TVs in my home I cant lower it as much as I would like for those others.

Additionally Tablo is still much louder than many of the YouTube vids.

I still support the survey though, if the majority want it double loud, I can deal with it.


I guess since I make my living working with audio I have been very passionate about seeing this aspect of Tablo improve.

The differences in volume level is very significant when switching to and from another source. As I have mentioned before, when you are watching Tablo and then switch to regular TV viewing or any other viewing source (Netflix, etc.) the volume level jumps. I have to remember to lower the level before switching.

I notice a whole lot of little weird artifacts when playing back recordings. These have to be due to the way Tablo is encoding the incoming multi-channel stream. I thought it might be something introduced by Tablo Ripper but it is also in the original recordings straight from the Tablo drive.

As others have mentioned the Tablo team has done an amazing job bringing us this fantastic product. I am one of your biggest fans and try and promote Tablo to everyone I think could benefit from it. Addressing the audio shortcomings would really put it way over the top.

Looking forward to an amazing future with Tablo.


I think one key point to consider is that some people are reporting issues and others are saying it’s fine. Some users are noting units locking up where others are not. I mentioned this before in a different thread, could there be some kind of hardware issue going on here related to what we are seeing.

Honestly I don’t have an issue adjusting my volume. It’s a nuisance but livable. Do I think something should be done about besides what has, yes.


You sometimes have that phenomenon when the same brand (or parts) is manufactured by two different sources.


Double would be about perfect for me. Can you guys just make two different firmware branches?

Also when you say it’ll be twice as loud, do you mean the volume would increase by 3 dB? Because twice the sound energy isn’t necessarily perceived as “twice as loud” by human ears


@TabloTV I understand that doubling the volume for everyone isn’t a good idea, but for those of us that it does matter why can’t it just be a check mark in the Tablo settings? “Want your recordings to be louder, check this box -->”


I use Tablo with PlayStation Vue on a Fire TV. My experience over several months has gradually gotten better as software/firmware for all items involved continues to evolve. At this point, the only two issues I have with the Tablo experience are

  1. The “slow” issues with startup and channel change, and

  2. The above Volume thingy. Moving between Tablo (local channels) and Vue (the cable channels) the volume manifests itself by almost exactly a factor of 2. Going from Vue to Tablo I have to turn up the volume on my tv from 20 to 40. Likewise, going in reverse, from Tablo to Vue, I have to turn down the volume from 40 to 20.

So, I wholeheartedly agree with the above poster. Somehow, make it a user option!


Unfortunately they have already said they can not make it a user option.


It will NOT blow the eardrums off. @TabloTV how about takiing a vote and see what everyone says. Most will probably be extremely overjoyed with doubling the volume.


I am in favor of the volume being doubled because that has been an irritant to me also.


That’s odd. Why would something like that be that low-level. You’d think it’d just have to be an extra argument at the time of encoding. Admittedly I’m not an expert though.


Agreed, I really don’t understand why it has to be so low level. Since they’re transcoding the audio from 5.1 to stereo, they’re already modifying the audio stream - I don’t see why they can’t change the volume at the same time. Even if it only applied to new recordings, that would be acceptable.


I agree. Had mine for 8 months, I have reported the same problem and blamed it on the Roku treating Tablo like a step child


Damn straight Skippy :smiley:


Agreed, volume is too low. If it can’t be fixed in the current hardware, please make sure that this is addressed in future models.


I have a 4210 Roku 2 that’s been connect to both an older Sharp and new Panasonic. The volume level of tablo play back of record shows and Live T.V. is the same as directly attached antenna and other OTT services.

The only exception is the CBS News app which always plays way too loud.


I believe volume issues have more to do with individual setups and variables than with the Tablo itself. IMNSHO “Fixing” it would be a disservice to the majority of users.


I agree, add it to the list of options under “Advanced/expert”

Although my request for unaltered MPEG2 stream to disk would solve the low volume issue for me. If my wish actually became a reality. :slight_smile: