Volume level too low

Tablo, please respond. Even if it’s only to reference the latest reply you have made to all the other threads that concern this ‘audio’ issue.

Use their userid, @TabloTV, to get their attention, btw.

Nothing has really changed.

The only option we have is to make it twice as loud which would probably blow the ear drums of some people out while making it ‘perfect’ for others.


Huanh? I cain’t hear ya. What’re you sayin? Kin ya speak a little louder friend? I’m an old timer, people are always whisperin - are you there? IS THERE ANYBODY HERE? Hello! dang does this forum work right? Can’t hear anybody.

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Can you hear me now? Adjust the volume control on your PC old feller. Your hearing may have been impaired by the rush of ranters a spell ago. They’ve mostly disappeared with the Roku fix but the odd one crops up here and there. Been kind of quiet here without the heat of a year ago…:ear:

"Nothing has really changed.

The only option we have is to make it twice as loud which would probably blow the ear drums of some people out while making it ‘perfect’ for others."

Is it possible to make it a User Option in the app? Or are you saying it can be changed individually by Tech Support tunneling into the device?

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From other threads:

maybe a poll of the userbase?
a) keep it the same
b) make it louder
c) turnip

We are getting close to time for another user survey…

Although knowing you guys you’d say, D) Turnip but only if the turnip supports 5.1 surround sound

Keep it just like it is!! I use 2 Roku 3s and an NP and have no significant volume changes from tv to Tablo. This is with 3 tvs and 3 different sound systems - and it works great on each one of them.

A HAPPY camper.


I like the idea of the survey.

For me, I would prefer its NOT made louder, its already perfect as is for me and I wish Netflix & others were quieter…

But again, I would support a survey and could work with it louder if thats what the majority needed.

Agreed. Leave it as is! I think it would hurt more users than help.

Agreed. I think we’re hearing from a vocal minority.

Forums rule of thumb: You always hear from the vocal minority!

There must be many more happy campers. Vocal minorities don’t rule.

I’m fine keeping it where it is… I feel that double the volume would be way too loud. We would then just feel that everything else was too quiet or needed to get adjusted.

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“Been kind of quiet here…”
Spoilsport! Want everyone to nod off? :tired_face:

Why can’t there be a software option to crank up the volume? The browser based client’s volume is so low as to be unusable on a laptop - I’ve got both the browser and Windows volume set to 100% and it’s still too low.

Ya know, the more and more I read on here about these little issues that just can’t be fixed without major changes (system lockups, volume, etc…) I really start to wonder if I made a mistake getting this device.

For the record I two have volume issues and I’m not even using the Tablo unit to watch TV as I extract all my content to Plex with @cjcox’s SurLaTablo script. All of my extracted content has the volume much lower then other items on my Plex server. For example I can watch a DVD rip of a Star Trek episode on volume 15 but when I watch an episode of Jeopardy! extracted from Tablo I have to turn the volume to to about 30 to get it to the same level. Something is not right there!

Just my $.02


Compare the volume of a Tablo recorded program and then compare the same program recorded by MS Media Center, it’s obvious that Tablo’s volume is way too low. Tablo needs to do the comparison themselves and fix this.

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