Volume level too low


We will just have to take broadcast engineer’s good faith on these matters since “they are not a matter of debate”.


“Proper levels are not a matter of debate…” Agreed. Let’s no longer debate.


what are your thoughts on ATSC 3.0? Whats going on with the FCC spectrum actions. Thanks for your feedback on the volume issue. We’ve gotten nowhere with these things here.


I’m an “audio professional” and agreed this is abnormally low volume level.

Is it wrong? Is it right? Who cares?

But when every other streaming device outputs louder volume and amplifiers must be readjusted to compensate, it reflects poorly on the Tablo.

Unfortunately there’s never gonna be a fix for us early adopters but hopefully future build volume levels will be bumped up accordingly.


I know you’re a “audio professional”, but you need to also understand that not all of us find it to be “abnormally low”. That doesn’t require professional opinion, it’s simply fact.


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Is that English? Doesn’t look like it.


I’m not an audio professional, but…
The Tablo volume output via my Rokus matches what I get from other streaming sources on my TVs.
However, I strictly use only stereo output for my TVs, and that might be the difference.


Same here




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Please Please double the sound. This has drove me nuts for a long time. Does not matter what device I play Tablo on I have to crank the volume. Not true for any other app. Youtube TV is fine, Sling TV is fine. Netflix is fine. Amazon prime is fine. Tablo is not!

Any update at all? What say you tablo. PS other than volume it is a very fine product.


Change the Tablo to record the native audio track in its original AC3 audio format (aka surround sound), sound will be untouched. See: