TV Shows Failed To Record

I record Rachael Ray, Ellen and Peoples Court for the wife.

They failed to record again today. I checked Live TV when Rachael was recording and the channel indicator was red like it was recording. But no recording showed up after the show was finished.

I hope Tablo can get this fixed. It looks like the DVR part of the Tablo is very unreliable at this time.

Now to feel the wrath of the wife when she gets home. :cry:

If the Live TV indicates that it is recording and you don’t think it is, did you go into setting menu(WEB app) and see if the disk shows up as connected?

Yes it does and I can view any other recorded TV show that is on the disk. The disk must be connected.

This problem started at the same time as the update 2.2.2.

I missed the Nascar race a week ago because of this same problem. I never missed a recording before 2.2.2.

It’s been a while since I lost one but when I did the reason use to show up (in the WEB app) under the Recording menu. A sub-menu called “failed” use to show up only when there were tablo detected failures.

I checked under Recordings but I do not have any failed recordings.

But I think the show did record successfully so it’s not a failed recording. I think the failure is somewhere displaying it on the “Recordings” view. There was a post in this thread Why didn’t my show record? which said after the “failed” show also showed up after the successful recording of the next show.

Hi Folks,

I’ve made a note in these two threads. Pasted below:

It’s possible that if guide data is changed between the time you schedule the airing, and the time it actually airs - it could result in the ‘RecordingID’ being changed. This could lead to the show being unscheduled.

This is most common for sporting events (when you see “Teams TBD”). We’re working hard to improve this process and have some fixes in the next release (coming soon). In the meantime, the work around is to use the ‘Schedule all’ button and then unschedule individual airings that you don’t want to record.

If you still miss out on airings despite this happening, please send us a ticket (ASAP, the logs can expire over time) and we’ll take a look.

To confirm: manual recordings did have an issue after the 2.2.2 load. The quick fix is to open the manual recording, select ‘Edit’, and then ‘Done’ to re-issue it. All further recordings will be successful. If you’re still seeing issues to this after trying the above, please send us a ticket.

When you say “manual recordings did have an issue after the 2.2.2 load” please clarify “manual recordings” I have everything as Record New of Show ABCDE. I’m assuming this is not a “manual recording”?

You are correct. Manual recording can be done regardless of subscription status, and it is where you select a channel, a time, and how often to record. Most people with a subscription just do what you do, which is pick a show and select whether to record a single episode, all new episodes, or all episodes.