Try Automatic Commercial Skip Again for Free (Sept 15-29th, 2020)

Well, 1&2 are beyond my control, what can I do about 3?

So if you try recording your news program again after recording pretty much any other eligible recording, it should be processed.

How do I know what shows are eligible? Is there a list, or some criteria it must meet? has a section - Automatic Commercial Skip Supported Devices & Details with a tab Filtered Recordings, suggested reading.

Every page on has a search box in the upper corner, try “eligible recordings





Thanks, I’ll read them.

I recorded two episodes of MacGyver (the real one) and both had commercial skip, will see what happens tomorrow morning with the news.

REMINDER - Our free 2-week Automatic Commercial Skip trial ends today.
If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to Premium Service to keep enjoying this great feature!

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Really wish this test had happened when there was more shows recording (new episodes of shows that are eligible)

The one show that had always been problematic during the first test period, a CBS soap, seemed to behave better than before? Still seems to occasionally begin the skip a few (3-5sec) seconds before the commercial break starts (at least once per episode), but didn’t see any entire segments of the show get skipped, as in the past? (This was the major reason my mom gave the thumbs down for paying anything for it at the end of the last test period)

That’s the only non-PBS/Create show with new episodes being recorded? CW seemed to air reruns of “Fool Us”, otherwise could have checked the skip feature out with those? New episodes of most shows being recoded on the Tablo start next week or the week after, so hard to judge just how much better things are working?

Probably won’t be adding the additional fee for Commercial Skip right now?

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Football, football. FOOTBALL!!

Anyway, there’s always the Presidential Debates, but I was reminded that pee wee football games aren’t usually televised.

I did subscribe, $20 for 1 year, I figure I’ll try it and see if it’s worth it. My biggest issue right now is how long it takes for a show to be scanned. 15 minutes until a 1/2 hour show is ready is a lot. I usually record the morning news, it runs 6-7am, I’m usually just getting up at that point. Have to wait 1/2 hr for the news to be scanned, way too long.

Live by the cloud… die by the cloud.

That’s a valid point, I concur.
There really hasn’t been much recording activity, at least not much modern primetime shows to get a decent sample.


That’s why I decided to try it for a year for $20. I wasted more money trying Sling for a month.

My guess is that there is currently a lighter than usual load on the Commercial Skip servers right now. Therefore, Tablo could offer a free trial at a time that would produce the most favorable results and might encourage some users to subscribe.

I subscribed to Commercial Skip in February and I believe that the service has been faster and at times more reliable this summer. I would currently estimate that the service correctly processes approximately 75% of the time. I attributed this to lower demand on the system due to a lack of new programming. I suspect that as new programming starts coming back on, the system will once again start to slow down a bit due to load. Hopefully, the reliability will not decrease as demand increases.

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I agree with you @3rdRockOKC. I would add that the most successful shows are the newer/popular prime time network shows and the least successful are the older shows on sub channels. BTW @perfectfaceforradio, If I remember correctly commercial skip worked fine for Fool Us.

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Hopefully they will add new servers to handle the added demand.

Last spring when there was an abundance of new prime time shows, it could take an hour or more for a 1 hour show to be ready for viewing with Commercial Skip. I believe that Tablo stated that their system was scalable, but during prime time their system still slowed down.

I agree there has not been a lot of programs to test with but I have seen several that are supposed to have had commercials skipped and many are not skipped though some are. TiVo would often not process skipping till next day and sometime not at all be at least when it did, it worked. Getting near end of trial subscriptions so I went ahead and paid for both the guide and skip subscriptions hoping will be worth it in long run. Started having reboot issues minutes later, discovered that whole history and thinking now I just tossed my money.

“that whole history” :question: :question: :question:

reboot issues shouldn’t be accepted as “how it works”. Although “they” blamed it on a drive going bad – even though it passed all test and and had no read errors while copying everything to save it… and no write errors with copying everything back while trouble-shooting – have you contacted tablo support?

There have been many more success stories than you ever hear about. and if this is a recently purchased tablo it has a 12mo warranty. If you’ve unfortantly just had enough, 30day return (not for refurbished).

“that whole history”: Found lots of posts about how either too little or too much signal causes the unit to reboot. Given the discussions go back years this does not seem to be something they plan to fix.

Still digging to see if I can discover any errors to even contact support about. So far I’ve found more debug info in my locked down cable modem. Given I’ve worked in IT almost 40 years I’m adverse to calling support with “it crashes” as my only info to report.

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Yup, cause the screen reader is gonna make you go through all the unplug everything and all the stuff you did before you broke down and called them.

The weak signal reboot, oh yea. I have, in the past had that, now I just end up with segmented recordings or none at all. Supposedly one of the later firmware made some asjustments for it
NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.28

There are also a number of smaller enhancements that will improve performance for those who have channels with marginal or problematic reception,

I never notice signal issues while watching programs on my TVs (allegedly better tuners and don’t have that minute split). How ever my tablos, from time to time, have reception issues. Actually I can’t confirm neither have nor have not rebooted due to weak signal recently, it’s not like there’s any way to check
– hey tech support can you check my system logs for me? what’s my uptime ?