Questions/Answers for a new cord cutter

If you want them to connect to the internet… what’s plan B?

Ok, yes, you’ll need internet access from some service. Rodgers won’t sell just internet? and leave everything? Ok if not, what exactly you’ll need on your own depends what your service “gives” you.

Tablo sells the Quad with 1TB - usage varies greatly by users needs and household. A recent new user found it filled quickly “I have the Quad with 1tb internal”

Not to say it won’t work for you… do your research.

If/when you get near the end of your trial subscription and things aren’t completely working and you aren’t 100%, you can add a month for $5 before making a bigger commitment. It’s rare, but occasionally there are regrets “spending all that money”

Antenna choice and placement is paramount to your entire setup! Solid network, personally I’d suggest wired connections whenever possible. I realize it’s not always realistic for everyone - but if you can pull it off…

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