This is the biggest piece of crap ever

What an absolute piece of crap! This is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. I guess if you don’t kiss their butt and subscribe to their garbage they screw you by causing lock ups and screwing over your recoding’s. I will never buy this crap product again nor should anyone.

I am sorry you having issues with your Tablo. Have you tried discussing your issues with tech support? The company does not treat you differently if you don’t subscribe.


Is there some support we can try to offer to you? Seems as though you created an account to post a very generic rant and didn’t really give any specifics to see if someone can help.


I am sort of new too, but give it time. When I first got mine a few weeks back, everything and then some :rofl: messed up. I mean problems with everything, it was going back, then 2 days later, don’t know what happened, just started working fine and been fine since. Support seemed to think a nightly update fixed it.

The issue with recordings is, you can only go so far with the free stuff. So nice it’s free, just lacks some features of the paid one. The choice is yours not theirs, so if you want free, your limited to what is there.

Well, for me it is one of the best investments I have made in a while.
I paid for a lifetime subscription even before the trial period expired.
I have yet to have a single failed recording. Actually I have had zero issues.
TabloTV does what it does very well - records OTA TV. No extra fluff like Music, Home Videos etc.



Ditto ----- 100%


Well after hours of troubleshooting over the last 3 mos I have solved the buffering issue on tablo android app. It is the android app that is the problem. The app code is garbage, The hardware works fine wheni loaded the app and i tested it on my windows 11 mini pc that is hdmi linked to my tv . Why the company doesnt admit that this is the buffering problem is beyond me. People that have tablo on their roku also have no problem. Tablo and android are for the moment incompatible as of April 2022

Are you talking about the Tablo Android app for a phone or the Tablo Android TV/Google TV app?

I don’t really use the Tablo Android app on my phone for much other than show maintenance like scheduling things to record since I have a surround system on my TV and therefore have surround enabled on my Tablo but my phone doesn’t support surround sound.

I do use the Tablo app on my Chromecast with Google TV daily and have no buffering issues at all.

Out of curiosity, is your Windows 11 PC connected to your network wired or wireless? If you aren’t having issues on a device that is wired but are having issues on a device that is wireless, that may indicate wireless issues as opposed to app issues.

Although it is small consolation for the moment, Tablo is currently working on a total refresh of the Android Mobile App (mentioned in the opening of the last minor update)

To questions re my hookup. My android tablo app was running on my nvidia shield and about 3 mos ago it started buffering. I checked wiring … antenna amp, in short every thing and like a dog with a bone I was determined to solve the issue. After many tries i decided to try in on my windows mini pc. hooked up to my tv It now works as it should. I am angry that Nuvyyo did not do their due diligence and adequately bench test their supported platform apps. I am wired and have never user the wifi option with tablo… We the Tablo community are bench testers for Nuyvvo

I will say that Nuyvvo does have a lot of devices to test against in their labs, and every release is beta tested by members of this community as well. What is difficult is that there are so many potential clients for the Tablo, it is difficult to adequately test them all.

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I don’t think the Tablo Android TV app is the problem. I’m running it on a Chromecast with Google TV (which is not near as powerful as a Shield TV) with no buffering issues at all. Sounds more like an issue with your network or maybe an issue with your Shield TV. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your Shield TV?

While that may be so re different platform types the nvidia shield android is the de facto most used and the second is fire tv. The android apps are very buggy and not adequately tested. The tablo app on my fire tv takes so longggggg to load its painful and i am hard wired with a 1 gb of spare ram in fire tv memory…

Are you saying the most used Android TV/Google TV hardware is the NVIDIA Shield? I would actually think it would be the Chromecast. Did you even read my earlier response? There are plenty of us using the Tablo Android TV app on less powerful devices and we aren’t encountering the issues you are talking about.