Thinking of buying Tablo

While I am a little late to this one (must be the holidays), I think you made the right decision.

As for those that say Roku is still a problem, I for one believe it is fixed for most.

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I think he should have gotten the 4 tuner because of how icons are generated. Also 5 TB drive


Agree, hard to argue with more tuners and more hard drive. I often record two things at once, while watching another (recorded) program (I just hate watching commercials). You can’t do all of this on a two tuner box.

We have few channels in our area and nothing will be being kept for any length of time on the hard drive.

If you get Movies! then I thought something might stay for a week.Movies! is an OTA subchannel that has commercials and does not shorten Movies.

The Tablo uses a tuner to generate the icons after you are done recording.

Well… for those of you you can get a wired network, the problem may be solved but, on wireless, I get LPW many more time than I can accept. My gripe now is that Tablo continues to hold Roku up as it primary go-to streaming device when those with Nexus, Apple TV AirPlay, and other devices report stability. Right now Apple TV is my only salvation for stability and if the new native ATV4 app does not hit the street soon, I will try to find me a Nexus Player. That said, I am going to look at stringing Cat 5e all over my house.

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I have EVERYTHING wireless on WiFi AC. I have TP Archer C7 router. What router do you have? Wireless AC is the latest. My Roku 3 is using 5GHz but not AC. I do have a Nexus Player but have started using Roku 3 again after the last update sine Roku has a lot of content not on Android TV.

I use an Apple Extreme router on first floor with Tablo up on second floor. The distance between the two is not more than 30 feet. I am thinking of moving Router to the second floor to see if that improves the situation.

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I’ve got 1TB. Record all my viewing and never get past one quarter capacity. Can’t imagine needing more with 2channel tuner. I clean up all my recordings after viewing

I have 1 TB also. I’ve never used more than one quarter capacity. You’ll be fine especially if you clean up your recordings after viewing.

Problem is when you do not clean up… I’ve pushed my 1TB to where it had to auto delete old recordings before (sort of wanted to see it happen actually)… so on occasion I just let the Tablo do it thing… however, I do try to SurLaTablo the file off most of the time… just an every once and awhile occurrence.

If you record a ton of HD content, I can easily see even 2TB not being enough (unless you’re good about pulling the files off into something (e.g. Plex).

Right on. The only channel that doesn’t make mincemeat out of movies. If you’re watching a movie that originally aired for two hours in theaters and it’s scheduled for 2 hours on TV MINUS approx 20 minutes of blaring commercials,…well, do the math.

Tablo can be cool device but don’t believe the marketing hype and expect remote streaming to work for long outside installation home/area.

Read about it here:

As we know NP is ONLY wireless yet doesn’t seem to present a problem for the great majority here. Mine is nestled between modem/router and Tablo.

I “wire” my Nexus Player(s) with a micro-USB to ethernet adapter (the adapter costs $13 delivered with my Amazon Prime).

Can’t really comment on any difference between wired and wireless performance for the Nexus Player, I wired them all when I initially installed them.

Well the price is right but from my experience I kinda doubt whether you need it.

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I’ve done both. When I just had a wireless n router, wired was much more reliable. I upgraded to a wireless ac router and it was a night and day difference.

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Hmmm. Only issue I have is occasional clunky response when loading channel guide. Easily resolved so not worth any major overhaul.

I agree with wireless AC and highly suggest it.