Thinking of buying Tablo

Just turned in the Cable boxes yesterday. Already have a Roku 2 and Netflix and an antenna. Got a question on the streaming to other devices subject. Does it stream only OTA channels to other devices or will anything on Roku stream to them as well? We just have one TV but 3 phones (2 Android, 1 iphone), one laptop (Dell) and one tablet(Android) and one desktop (Dell). Looked at Tivo, don’t want the high subscription cost, looking at Channel Master too but digging the stream to other devices and remote access the Tablo offers.

I think you are not fully understanding what Tablo does. Tablo is a network tuner/dvr. It takes in signals, transcodes (converts) them, and streams them across the network. The streams are accessed via the Tablo app on devices that have an app developed for them.

So for Roku, you will install the Tablo channel just like you do any other channel and access your Tablo content that way. On your phone, you’ll install the Tablo app just like you would install the Netflix app.

So I guess to answer your question, the Tablo app will only stream the OTA channels it receives from a connected antenna.

Pardon my ignorance. Recorded material can also be viewed on the various devices?

Yep. Have a look at this review. It covers what exactly Tablo does and shows off the UI a bit.


Actually, it will constantly display “Loading, Please Wait” over and over again on a Roku.

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So after some people helped you in another thread, and this poster is asking for helpful info in order to make a decision, you respond with this type of unhelpful garbage?


Im giving a truthful response.

Its working great on my iPad but Ive been through two brand new Rokus both having the same problem.

I submitted a support request two days ago and I am still waiting for a response.

I have a very hard time recommending this device to anyone until these issues are addressed officially by Tablo.

Use Tablo Ripper & put the shows on a plex server. Problem solved!

“Tablo Ripper & Plex” is a workaround not a viable solution. The product is advertised and pitched to work natively with Roku via their native app.

It should work. Period.

It does work. There was a disconnect for a little bit between Roku firmware and Tablo, but I think that problem has been resolved. However, point well taken. I can’t tell you the number of times that firmware and OS releases on Windows has caused problems (and take a bit to get resolved). So, if that means everyone should get rid of Windows… I guess I’ll support your cause.


While not helpful, it’s still funny. :slight_smile:

My Roku 3 has not displayed a LPW message since I moved it closer to my wifi router and I have yet to see a LPW message on my Amazon Prime TV box, which is now in the living room where I had the issue with my Roku 3. I plan on running some cat6 drops and suspect that will allow me to have the Roku 3 anywhere. I did have some sluggish response on the Roku 3 but adding a $9 (on sale) microSD card to the Roku 3 resolved that.

I’m not too concerned about running the cat6 Ethernet as when I was on Dish Network the Joey’s in the bedrooms were wired on a MoCA network (e.g. coax cables instead of Ethernet).

I’d blame the delay on the holidays. They are generally quick to respond. Your issue is unique given the many thumbs up since the recent Roku update.

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Monday they return to regular support hours. I wish it went to 6 pm central time or a Saturday or two per month.

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Second that emotion.

Ending a comment with the word “period” is indicative of a closed mind. Major impediment to the learning process.

It sounds like a Roku problem, if it works with every other streamer device, more than a Tablo problem. I’m sure Tablo is working with Roku to fix it.

Latest Tablo firmware and latest Roku software fixed most of the problems for the majority of users.

Just ordered a 2 tuner and a 1TB HD.

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While I am a little late to this one (must be the holidays), I think you made the right decision.

As for those that say Roku is still a problem, I for one believe it is fixed for most.

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