I'm on the road for weeks and my tablo disconnected! UGH!

I’m on the road for several weeks and my tablo has been working fine…then suddenly this morning I can’t reach the tablo.

Is there a fix for this yet? It’s a serious issue for me. The unreliability of connecting where any day it’s not going to work is a HUGE flaw that needs to be resolved.

are you trying to access Tablo Remote from a different network than you had been using? Some networks do not allow access to port forwarded Tablos.

Nope. Nothing changed at all. Tablo just decided to stop connecting.

I hope they’re working on a way to log in so this connection issue can get solved once and for all!!


I’ve had that happen previously, nothing lately thankfully. A remote logon option would be nice.

I think your ISP changing IP addresses can trigger Tablo Connect to stop working.

You’re gonna have to install plex server software on your home pc then install the client app on your mobile device when you’re traveling. It’s the only workaround until there’s a solution to Tablo Remote.

Same thing happened to me over Thanksgiving. I tried in advance of what I planned to watch remotely - worked fine. A few minutes later it was out for 3 days. Nobody was home to make any network changes, etc. There were no power outages, etc. a real bummer.

Do you have DHCP reservation configured so the Tablo so it will always have the same internal ip address?

If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone.

We used to at least get lip service that remote login was “on the list” but recent comments by the CEO seem like the company’s redirecting focus away from mobile viewers. Ugh…

Thanksgiving my iPhone recently went belly up by the time I crossed country (working in the airport on my outbound) and I’d made a conscious effort to not update Tablo or IOS devices before that trip. Go figure?

Somewhat oddly my other devices didn’t lose pairing the entire time I was in CA so I dunno how the common explanation of IP address change flies in the face of that fact?

Without a doubt this is the most frustrating thing about Tablo for my household. Very irritating how mobile viewing is “touted” as a major feature but ad copy fails to inform you that pairing will fail and you will not be able to view remotely anymore until you return to your Tablo location and re-pair device.

All I ask is to be honest about product/gear. That sort of “gotcha” doesn’t seem/feel very honest IMO.

I recently got a survey from Tablo. Part of it was asking priority on future features. Remote logon was on the list so I know they still have it on their radar. (FYI I did check that in my top 2)

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