Tablo Servers are down?


Good to hear! Look, I understand the frustration, and if the Tablo folks ever did go out of business, then the Tablo would be useless on computers, smart TVs, and the Xbox. I am sure it is one of the items that will be resolved eventually, especially now that the Tablo’s feature set has been expanded so much this year.


Looks like they are still working on it. If you have your Tablo connected, don’t disconnect it or exit the app if you want to keep watching. My PC isn’t connecting at the moment.


All servers are back online, and normal functionality should be restored. We will continue to monitor the situation in the event of any change.


Some background from the last time this happened…


What did they do?


I’m bringing it up so maybe the can at the appropriate time provide some additional information like they did last time.


I assume the outrage some of you have also happens if you have ever had internet or cable (if you’ve had it) provider issues?

I guess for me I consider it a first world problem. I have other services (primarily Netflix) I can fall back on if Tablo has a short service issue. It’s not like scheduled stuff isn’t recording, I just can’t get it for a bit for playback. Cable sure as heck doesn’t work that way, they go down and nothing is recording period.

Given how much I save not having cable I’m grateful for a device that let’s be pull OTA content and saves me a ton of money over the long run.


Blame Canada? You can’t be serious.


Read again - you can’t be serious if you think I was “blaming Canada”. Geesh, I was only speaking to the fact that someone - pick a location, any location, should have to connect to ANY other location, in this case IF servers actually resided “in Canada” because Tablo is a Canadian company, eh, it’s just interesting, and somewhat frustrating that someone sitting in Mexico, just for example, should have to connect to “servers” ANYWHERE else, at all, just to GET TO their Tablo sitting ten feet from them in the same room, and only inches from the TV.
I can see using the local network - but to rely on “servers” (cloud, VMs or otherwise) is, well, interesting to say the least.
So show where I said I blamed CANADA LOL. Really?
The “servers” could be in Washington state and I’d still find it problematic that one must rely on INTERNET and outside servers to manage a device you can touch and that is on the same local network.
I can access any device in my house, my TV can play anything - music, images or video, residing on ANY computer on my network, even in my shop building 300 feet away, but can’t play recordings on Tablo unless I have outside internet connection to a server sitting somewhere - Canada was just an example.
Don’t take it so personally. I happen to like Canada and Canadians - very friendly folks.


I let the cable company know when they drop our service. I have had them apply a pro-rated discount when I lost service for four hours. It wasn’t much money, but that wasn’t the point.


I blame Trump.


Actually Nuvyyo’s Tablo Server Policy started under the Obama administration.


Just saying expect the Tablo tariffs coming soon.


Are they down again today? Or is that something local in my area (which I’m not at home)?


They aren’t down. I am able to access my Tablos via my PC, which I can’t do if the servers are down.