Tablo Servers are down?


Tablo staff can’t work on the fix as apparently it’s a service provider issue and not a Tablo issue… but he said “server” so does that mean Tablo does not own or control their own servers? Just curious…
So all they can do is monitor and ask their provider the status of the fix.


Don’t forget about Xbox 1’s not working.


It sounds like the Tablo folks have their servers hosted by a provider, like most small companies. No big surprise at all.


Guess what - we don’t own apple devices, no Roku and a phone is worthless for a family that wants to watch a big TV on the wall… and the TV can’t connect to Tablo and neither can my computers which could be used to display on the TV.
I can’t see having to buy more devices to make this work…I already have the ports filled with Blu-Ray, and other devices. The TV is running a Tablo app but it won’t connect (LG)


Well my iPhone app doesn’t work remotely right now so guess it’s only local connections.


I run a large automotive forum - and guess what - the service I use has NEVER had our server go down - not in ten years. No one has ever not been able to get to our forum (well one time because it is in the UK and a whole half of that country had problems a few years back)
When you pay for servers supplied by another provider - like I do for our forum - they are VMs, and there’s no reason for them to ever go down if run well.
I know all about how small companies don’t own or operate their own servers, but those that provide servers, well, their provider isn’t doing a good job. There’s no reason in this day and age for one to go down. If I can keep a CAR forum up for years straight… at minimal cost…


I am curious why I need to connect to Tablo’s servers at all. The only thing I can think of that needs the internet would be the guide. Any other reason?


I’ve always wondered about that need to connect for some things, but not others…


I will say that the cloud servers used for the Tablo Lite work just fine, and I think those are hosted by Amazon.


Makes sense. Tablo Connect has to go through the Tablo servers first to know how to access your home network.


Amazon servers, as much of a pain as Amazon is and the risks they also host, they ARE reliable… and fast.
It’s too bad that like GoDaddy, they also allow phishing scams and malware to reside there.
Otherwise, my son took the tests to be an Amazon cloud server something or other and they do keep getting better and are rarely a problem as far as access or speed - but if you had a trillion dollars, you’d expect servers to never ever ever go down!! LOL


We were watching live tv (on Roku) thru Tablo app, went to check if I could access recordings. Now NO live tv. :laughing: Oh well, guess I will watch recorded content.


Two hours - there goes the evening, can’t access RECORDED CONTENT…down for two hours, that’s a loooong, time.


You shouldn’t have any problem watching live tv or recorded content on a Roku. I can watch live tv just fine on mine.


Gee, I can turn my Tablo OFF and watch live TV! It’s nice to have a TV with a tuner in it… it’s just that there’s nuttin’ on worth watching so we had our whole evening planned around watching some shows I recorded that we really LOVE To watch…
Two hours and counting…


We were watching with no problem , I went to check on recordings and when I tried to get to Live TV no dice. But it just came back , watching as I type. :laughing:


It looks like it is back up. :slight_smile:

Try it now. My PC can connect.


It’s been saying “connecting” for the last three minutes… SLOOOOW but at least it’s a different problem now!
But still no access.


Just want to add my voice to the chorus of users requesting that they configure this product so that it does not require a connection to their server. Outages don’t happen often but they are often enough to be irritating.


OK, it’s back now and we’re watching recorded stuff!!
Well, it sucked, lost our evening of TV watching, but at least when it came back, it came back.