Tablo Servers are down?

Anyone know if the tablo servers are down?

Down for me trying to access

Yo, @TabloTV, and @TabloSupport, you think you can get those servers up?

Yup - been down for a good half hour or more - more like 45 minutes Bummer since there’s NOTHING ON and we have a slew of recordings we had planned on watching ALL EVENING but can’t access them because they require their servers for my system to function.

They REALLY need to allow for a way to watch recordings without their servers - stuff happens and with this internet getting more prone to being hacked and DoS’d, it’s more and more likely each year we’ll lose access to Canadian servers - making Tablo devices worthless for most of us.

The Roku Tablo app will now work even without an internet connection.
The Roku OS will probably complain, but you can choose to continue, and it’ll work.

You’re right though for all web browsers, and even apps that rely on, this sucks.

I have an LG TV and I’ll be danged if I am going to buy another device to plug into it just to use a device that really could be made to work directly - they do it with android and Apple - why not let it work directly from my TV or other devices?
What happens if Tablo servers go down long-term or there’s a hack attack on them or Canada has issues like the UK did a few years back when all sorts of Cisco stuff went down leaving half of the UK with no internet?

So if my internet provider goes dead for an evening, I have no Tablo?

LOL - that’s silly because right now I have no tablo access - and my internet is FINE!

Tablo needs to remove some of the points of failure - having to rely on getting to a server in Canada is just asking for trouble.

Hey all - our providers are experiencing a server issue. As @Radojevic mentioned, most of the Tablo apps used a local discovery and connectivity method. However, the Tablo web app at will not work for the time being.

We’ll update this thread as soon as we have news, we are closely monitoring the situation.

No redundancy? Really?
Why not have a secondary provider and a system that automatically switches to different routing trough a second provider like we used to do with the state remote offices - if our main provider went dead our systems, INCLUDING VPN devices - would try a second connection and pick right back up again.
Shame for relying on a single provider! Ouch that’s scary.

Well, it is now working on my iPhone but my Xbox 1 Tablo app thinks that it cannot find the servers. What is the local discovery method and since it negatively impacts customer service, when will that be changed so that I do not need to connect to servers for anything other than the guide?

Only Android devices, Apple, Roku, etc. will work without their servers (other devices, too) but anything that uses web browser to access, like apparently the LG TV app does, for shame - really - needing your server to connect a TV that sits 12" from the Tablo and is on the same wired network - this is scary.

What does monitoring mean? Are you trying to fix the problem?

They have no redundancy and rely on a single provider for connection is the way I read it, and their ISP is having issues, or else they don’t own their own server - and aren’t going VMs, which should also allow a server to NEVER EVER GO DOWN… I’m shocked this could happen, honestly.
When I did the state systems if a server had an issue, well, you just didn’t, because VMWare had ways to ensure a server NEVER was unavailable, ever.
If the VM had a problem you launched another VM and connected the drive files to it and away you went - took minutes.

This has happened maybe five times over the last five years. It is a very rare event, so cut the Tablo folks some slack.


But it should never happen. Not in this age of computers/servers and virtual systems.
That’s my point. Make or force customers to use a connection to Canada and servers elsewhere to use their devices at home, and then not have fail-safes.
Seriously, one time in five years is the max, to happen more than once in five years is a surprise to someone like me who had the mandate “will NEVER be unavailable” and I had near perfect up-time according to my boss who tracked such things, on 37 remote offices that relied on other ISPs, and 24 virtual servers.

It’s TV, not a hospital or banking system. All recording are still going on, and you can still use a large majority of devices.

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I get that it may not happen that often, but we have no information. We have to ask and then all they say is “we are monitoring it” Are they working on it?

This is honestly the first time I wanted to watch live TV and it doesn’t work. I kept cable for about 3 months to make sure I was not going to have issues. Tried multiple antenna’s. It always worked great. Until I depended on it.

Again, are they working on it?

Well glad I found this discussion. I thought it was my Tablo that’s the problem. I unplugged the ethernet cord and rebooted it. The Tablo_xxxx wifi appeared so I connected with my Iphone but the tablo app still wouldn’t connect.

LArge majority? Maybe if you own Apple stuff or Roku - maybe take a poll (scientific type) and see just how many do not own Apple or Roku.
I know they cater totally to Apple and Roku people, but they sell happily to the rest of us who do not use Apple or Roku…
It’s sort of like most of America assumes most of America has broadband, when in fact even the FCC says that is not true.

Yes, Roku, FireTv, AndroidTV, AppleTv, phone/tablet apps all work. Only if you go to the website will it not work.

(or xbox1 or smarttv apps)