Tablo Roku App (4th Gen) Update (v. 0.8.300 & v. 0.8.401)

Screw all the roku s**t! Do like I did and get a onn 4k streamer. Works so much better than roku. And only 19.88. Gonna throw my ultra away. Android works! Might just keep my tablo…

Hmmm…I have a couple of 4801RW’s, and a 4802RW, and none of them crash when closed captioning is on during playback, or during playback or recording at all. Must be just some of those models of Roku’s, then. The only problems that I’ve seen have been after playback is over, transitioning back to the main view, and these have been rare.

And I have to agree that I’ve seen less problems with the Chromecast with Google TV 4K (like the Walmart ONN Google TV) than I’ve seen with the Roku’s. Currently using the Chromecast 4K with the Tablo, and the Apple TV with all my other streaming apps while I wait for the Apple TV app to be released. An HDMI switch really makes having two different streaming boxes connected easy.

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Mad much? Roku does have a nice feature where I have 7 devices in my home, and it’s all linked under 1 account. We all can add apps and they get added to all the devices.

As of now, All my Roku devices work, but my Ultra bombs a few times a week. Too invested in the Roku to replace it all. Probably cost me almost way over 1k to replace it all.


Not sure why it would cost that much just to replace your Rokus, but I understand not wanting to replace them and start anew. Each STB has it’s benefit, but I am hoping that next week’s update will be a great improvement to those that need it.

I’m not a fan of the Rokus being linked together. I don’t always want the same app on every device – it doesn’t store the app’s login information, so it’s just extra space (screen and internal memory) wasted. Just my opinion, but I understand why others like this feature.

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All you have to do is delete the app where you don’t want it. At least that’s been my experience.

If you delete an app from one Roku device, it disappears from all others at the same time.

Not for me it doesn’t And yes I have the same account on all my rokus (14 of them).

Well, I was hoping that with the 12.5.5 update, this might have changed, but after booting them up and testing this theory, I’m getting the same results. Add to one, adds to both. Remove from one, removes from both. Literally watching one delete as I removed the other…

I wonder what’s different in yours that it’s not affected.

I have 8 Roku’s and what is done on one is done to all.

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Unrelated to Tablo, but others may have experienced this as well…
I have TCL/ROKU TV’s
Legacy Tablo has been fine.
After the last ROKU update in the TV’s, I’ve had 3 ROKU crash/reboots.
Twice on one TV watching Tablo shows and once on another TV watching Paramount+.
Curios to know if anyone else has experienced that or not.
Sent message off to TCL but haven’t heard anything in a few days.

Hi folks -

The Roku app update with the workaround is now live:


Thanks, working great on my Roku streambar.

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