Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings


Tablo Ripper is listed in applications in start up menu and when I disable it I cannot connect to the remote server


Is that not the case with the latest version of TR and if so can you provide me a link for the latest version of TR?


Windows has both a ‘start menu’, and a ‘startup group’. The menu merely lets you access programs using a shortcut. The group is a list of programs that run when you boot your PC. The latter affects startup time, so don’t add TabloRipper to that group. It’s unnecessary.

I’m not understanding your issue. Perhaps a screen shot would help?

The current (and final) version can be downloaded using the link found in the first post of this thread.


Have any of the firmware updates broken this? It worked fine for me a couple months ago when I first downloaded it. Now, at least a couple Tablo updates later, I’m trying to use it again and it’s not showing my Tablo in the dropdown box. Nothing has changed re: the network. Only the device firmware has changed since I used it successfully probably in May or early June. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no change. Version 2.4.1.


Hello CycleJ,

Just stopped by to look at any posts on the new Tablo update. Curious if it’s working correctly, or at least well enough to bother with. Your Tablo Ripper is ripping fine and I have done multiple hardware upgrades (actually, it’s really 2 versions later in computer hardware). I would have to say you have given each one of us using this software a wonderful gift, and I really do appreciate it – Again, and again.

Just wanted to say hello. Take care.



OK – just discovered that my Tablo name (Tablo) doesn’t show up in the dropdown box, nor does it recognize it when I type it in, but I just manually entered the device IP and it started loading recordings.


The list box pings Nuvyyo’s server for a list of Tablo boxes associated with your (external) IP address. I assume (I could be wrong) they maintain that list during the daily EPG update.

Not sure why that’d fail, but entering your (internal) Tablo box IP address is the quickest/most direct way to connect. Just make sure you reserve an address for it in your router.