Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings


The program ignores capitalization, so it’s up to you.


Thanks again for the info about capitalization. Have another question. When I load TV episodes to PLEX, the name of episodes does not show in PLEX. The episode number shows though. I have searched and searched for an answer to no avail? Any thoughts?




Are you adding your files to a Plex library that’s specifically for “tv shows”? Or are you adding it to one of the other library types? If you add it to the correct library type, Plex will use the TabloRipper filename to figure out the correct metadata.


to TV Shows


In that case, the Plex forum is your best bet.


The “norm” is for Plex to use what it can from the filename to query (in your case) thetvdb (again, talking defaults) for metadata fill in. Sometimes it helps to find your desired entry in the so you can see what expects the Show name and seasons to be and make sure things match up.

Sometimes thetvdb is down and/or overloaded. :slight_smile:


does this ripper only allow you to export shows from tablo or are you able to also put shows on tablo (in other words is it one way only or bidirectional) ?


All the rippers are one way. There’s no API to add a show to the Tablo’s database.


I want to set ripper time to rip to 10pm tp 8am. How do I do this?



I didn’t make that time range cross midnight. But unless you record LOTS of stuff daily, it shouldn’t need to run more than a hour or two.


Is there any way to also include the Closed Captions when ripping?


Although I haven’t played with them, there are several discussions on closed captions if you search this forum. TabloRipper supports running an external command which allows you to run something like “ccextractor”.


Oh, so they’re in the files already? I didn’t notice since it seems that it’s not detected by any of my software players or Emby server.


I use ccextractor with Tablo Ripper and it works well.


Thanks for the help. CCExtractor worked great, though it took a while to rip all the CC in my recordings. Never realized that CC were encoded into broadcasts in such a unique way, though now that I think about it, it makes sense.


So you know, now that you’re caught up, you can hook it up inside TabloRipper to extract captions as each show is ripped.


Is there any way to take Tabl Ripper out of my start up and still be able to access it? When I take it out of start menu it does not allow me to connect to the remote server


The reason I want to do this it really slows down my boot up time


I also was wondering if I download the update from Tablo will my Tablo Ripper still work or will I need to update to the latest version of TR


There’s no reason to add TabloRipper to your Windows StartUp group. The program icon merely invokes the GUI, not the background service. And it’s the service that rips new programs automatically, no GUI required.

Program updates uninstall the old version, replacing it with a newer version. Your local configuration is untouched, so there’s nothing required on your part beyond installing the update.