Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings


Ok I think I understand what is going on. I did download the latest version. But I was still having the same issue. But I think what was happening was that each one of the recording was called the same thing. I think your program has issue with that. So I decided to rip each one, rename it, and then rip the next. That seems to be the magic fix. Thanks…By the way I love this program. I think if you wanted you could make it so if it does see another file with the same name, just add 1…2…3 at the end.


Glad you figured it out. There are times where certain shows end up with the same file name. And there’s already an option you can use if you expect that to happen frequently. Check the ‘include tablo id’ option and your file names will be unique.

That’s especially handy for shows like soap operas. The id is added in such a way not to interfere with Plex, so there’s no harm in leaving it enabled.


Ok, I think I might of came across another issue. But not sure if this is ffmeg or the windows player. So I have the cubs parade recorded. It was 6hrs. Well when I downloaded it, it lost some time. I actually cut a few hours in the middle a few at the end. Not sure how to fix. Any suggestions?


Enable logging in TabloRipper, rip the show again, and watch the FFMPEG window for errors/messages.

Once you find what it’s complaining about, search for that issue and hopefully you’ll find a solution that works for your show.


Ok thank you. I will try that.


I finally got the error part. Seeing a non-monotonous DTS in output stream. May cause issue with timestamp. Anyone have this issue and now how to fix?


The conventional wisdom is to ensure you have the latest/greatest version of ffmpeg. I’d start there.


Already done last night. I got the new on last night. Seeing the same issue.


I love Tablo Ripper and have been using it for several months with great success. However, over the past few days, I have had a severe problem. When “ripping” certain files from Tablo, it shows 100% complete, but nothing happens and it simply “hangs” forever. I have downloaded the latest version of both Tablo Ripper and FFMPEG, but I get the same results. Again, it is only with certain files.

Thanks in advance.



Update on Tablo Ripper: Well with phenomenal support from CycleJ, we were able to determine that the “hanging” occurs only with recordings that have been “cut short.” Unfortunately, there are quite a few of these shows. Typically, the recording is supposed to be one hour and 5 minutes long, but the recording stops at about 50 minutes. The recording is playable on the Tablo, but the abrupt “ending” causes FFMPEG to hang. This causes Tablo Ripper to hang. What is even more weird is that it appears that the recording for the episode right before the short 50 minute episode is also cut off at just 3 or 4 minutes.


Update… I didn’t get the Tablo Ripper to work with 6hr Cubs Parade. It seemed to skip thru 2hrs at a time, so I lost a lot. And remember my data base was screwed on my Tablo so I needed to do a master restart to get everything working again. But I had an idea that seemed to work. I had to manually take the video off the hard drive and then convert it to mp4. And that seemed to do the trick. I now have the whole 3rs of Cub Parade. I know I said 6hrs but I found that the tablo recorded more than I needed, so I omitted that part.


Just got the lastest 2.2.1 and looking good!




My Tablo just did an update to v 2.2.12 and my ripper (v1,45) no longer works. Where can I find the latest version of this fine program?



Way up at the top (the first post):


Hi CycleJ, - I’ve been using Tablo Ripper for about a year and although it’s always been excruciatingly slow - like 14 hours for 3 dozen or so 1 hour long shows - it eventually finished and all worked fine. Recently, it’ll go for several hours and then finally hang. I downloaded the latest version and now it hangs on the first file. I’m still on Tablo 2.2.8 if that makes a difference. Any thoughts?


The best first step is to enable debugging and watch ffmpeg process your video. Look for error messages. That might shed some light on what’s going wrong.

Nuvyyo has made API performance improvements since 2.2.8, but it sounds like the API is not your issue. It’s only used to get the URL required by ffmpeg.

Speaking of ffmpeg, I assume you’re running the latest/greatest? If not, that’s a step in the right direction.

Let me know what you find, OK?

PS: it shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes to rip a 1 hour show. And that’s on my really old laptop.

PPS: are you ripping to a local drive or something across a network? That could potentially slow things down.


Thank you for your reply. I did do debugging prior to posting and saw the ‘no http header something’ error (I can’t remember the exact wording) and saw that you had replied to a previous poster that it was an inherent error with ffmpeg but shouldn’t affect the transfer. I upgraded ffmpeg to the latest version and was able to get though a single half hour show in about 30 minutes. I was recording something else with my 2-tuner Tablo at the time so that probably slowed down TR’s process. FWIW, no more http header error. I think that may have fixed my problem! I appreciate the advice and thank you for your work! BTW: I’m ripping to a local drive though wirelessly from the Tablo.


This is a very nice app. It works great!!

Is it possible to filter the ‘your tablo recordings’ list by type?
I would like to just look at movies or episodes.
is there a way to automatically rip all completed movies but not episodes?

Thanks for the awesome software.


Thanks for the kind words!

Both are good suggestions, and I had a moment this morning to implement a couple new “selection” options. I want to give a bit more thought to filtering the “your tablo recordings” list before changing anything.

My current thought is perhaps a option that toggles between “all” and “filtered” (using all current settings and options for filtering). The latter would show exactly what’s considered “new”. Still thinking…

Meanwhile, if you’ll use the link in the first post, there’s a beta version you can grab with the new selection options. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.


So far it seems to be working very well.

Thank you so much.