Tablo recorded football without being schduled

Las Vegas, NV 89122

Anyone in the following areas that didn’t randomly have the Pro Bowl in their recordings, or whose Tablo didn’t at least try to schedule it?

Las Vegas, NV
Buffalo, NY
Detroit, MI
Tempe, AZ
Ft. Meyers, FL
San Jose, CA
Austin, TX

Somerville, Alabama: 35670

Birmingham Alabama 35243

I’m in Phoenix Arizona 85310

Indianapolis IN 46237

In other news, the Pro bowl scores the highest viewership in years! hahaha WHO freaking watches the Pro bowl?!?!

Actually, the NFL Pro-Bowl attracts twice the viewership of the NCAA Sr. Bowl… so the answer is 2.

Located on the South Shore of Montreal, but my 4-tuner Tablo tried to record it on WVNY Burllington, VT (failed due to weak signal).

Happened to me in Fort Wayne, IN (zipcode: 46825).

Recorded for me as well in 98101 - Seattle. I actually thought, wth, I’ll check it out. I watched the first couple of plays and saw the same old Pro Bowl light hitting, etc. Deleted.

Oklahoma 73049

I watched some to see Titans Delanie Walker win the offensive MVP award with his 2 TDs! It was actually a pretty good game, with the AFC coming back from a 20-3 halftime deficit to win in the final minute.

Go Titans!

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Mine recorded in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, but from Channel 7-1 ABC which is a Buffalo channel. Postal code is set to Mississauga.

Add me to the list. My 2 tuner Tablo set a recording for the football game on it’s own. Location: Missouri 64801

Texas 75035

I’m in California, but why would it record if it is not set to record? I did not set it nor anyone in my household… Especially since I am the only one that uses the 4 tuner

Boston MA 01913


Louisiana, 70003

That’s what we’re trying to figure out. It likely had something to do with a laundry list of guide data changes for NFL football that were made in a short period of time by our guide data provider, but we haven’t yet been able to determine exactly what chain of events triggered this.

It is possible if the show ID for the NFL (or perhaps even for the Pro Bowl airing) was mistakenly swapped or overlapped with another show or airing that is popular (say the Big Bang Theory) in the metadata then it COULD trick the Tablo into scheduling sportball when you are NOT a sportball fan, because you ARE a fan of Big Bang and had that show/series ID set to record.

That’s just our working theory at the moment. Once we have time to look at more data, we’re hoping we get a clearer picture.