Tablo recorded football without being schduled

Anyone else have this happen? My Tablo recorded a football game all by itself, without me scheduling it or manually recording it. Please tell me my TV box hasn’t developed a mind of its own, and worse, an affinity for football! I would not have deliberately recorded a football game under any circumstances – I hate football, and pretty much all other televised sports.

LOL, I was wondering why my mom’s Tablo recorded the AFC vs NFC game.
Ha, my Tablo recorded the damn thing, too!
Wut’s up @TabloTV?
You trying to force american football on us?
We didn’t schedule this to be recorded.

My Tablo recorded the Pro Bowl too, with no one scheduling it. Lol

Weird, me too.

The Pro Bowl showed up in the guide while the AFC/NFC playoff game was in the guide under the normal NFL tile. But the Pro Blow game was in the guide without a normal tile.

Tablo already identified that there was something fishy with the guide data. It ended up stuck in my browser scheduled cache after I tried to mark it to not record due to a conflict. It eventually disappeared after the Monday over night guide update.

The super bowl also showed up the same way. So who knows what will happen with it.

Same thing happened to me this weekend with NFL Allstar game

Same thing here :confused:

So I didn’t set the Pro Bowl to record after all… I saw it in my scheduled list possibly on Friday when I was going thru my Tablo due to the new features. I thought I had just forgotten I set it to record. But I didn’t want it so I removed it.

After seeing highlights of the AFC coming back to win the game with Delanie Walker’s two touchdowns I wish I would have just left it alone. Oh well…

Did not happen to me. I’ve got a 4 Tuner Tablo with 2.2.16 firmware. 3.27TB available.

Hmmmmm… I thought I might be losing my mind. I didn’t remember setting up a recording for the Pro Bowl either. Maybe Tablo Support can shed some light.

Interesting as my 2 tuner with the 2.2.16 did not record but my 4 tuner with the latest beta version (essentially 2.2.18) did record it…

@TabloSupport, you have an issue

I updated the Tablo app on all of my devices (Shield TV, Fire TV sticks, Android) and have v2.2.17 on the Tablo.

Happened to me on 2.2.16, no apps updated either.

I have two 4 tuner Tablos, one on 2.2.16 and one on 2.2.17 and both automatically scheduled the AFC vs NFC game. I unscheduled the recordings on both units but the NFL Games still showed up under Scheduled Shows until after the game. Neither unit recorded the game and everything appears to be back to normal.

Same thing happened to me I’m still on .16

Ditto here!

I was wondering how it got recorded.
I never watch football lol!

Maybe someone @TabloTV can shed some light on the subject.

It’s not like tablo isn’t aware of something unusual.

My 2.2.16 Tablo recorded the ProBowl yesterday. I’ve never recorded a football game, so it seemed really odd. Now it’s collectively more than odd

Not a sports watcher here and yet there it is … recorded …

(now deleted)

Thanks for the headsup! on 2.2.17 /4 channel…