Tablo recorded football without being schduled

I was wondering why the pro bowl was set to record. I saw it and stopped it before it recorded.

Same issue here, 2 tuner on .16. Popped up in my recording list as a “failed” recording (HD full) - I have auto delete turned on so not sure what was going on. Other recordings actually scheduled by me were fine.

Hah, yep, same here, actually pretty funny IMO. I kept wondering who in the family all of a sudden decided they liked football…

Hmmm, maybe somebody paid Tablo to record it for everyone as some sort of weird sponsorship or attempt to increase followers and ratings?

(Kidding, though it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened with some of the bigger, less scrupulous companies).

@Daniel454 Funny you say that. I heard on the radio this morning Roger Goodell said the Pro Bowl was up 28% from last year.

As much as the NFL can use all of the ratings they can get right now, it is indeed not some crazy plan on our part to turn every Tablo fan into sportball fans.

We’ve heard reports of this from several folks and are investigating.

It could indeed be related to some other weirdness we’ve seen with NFL guide data.

I’ll make sure to fill you all in when we get to the bottom of things.


This is probably related to my post in the WEB thread from 1/26. There was no way to clear the bogus entry from Chrome and it always reloaded on the full sync. Since it didn’t seem to appear in the Roku app I assumed the table database was good. But maybe not for this entry.

Ditto. I have two Tablos. I only set it to record on one of them. Lo and behold, the other one recorded it too.
NFC vs AFC game

(Texas: 75035)

Nothing here. Single Tablo running 2.2.17.

I didn’t set it up, but it recorded.

My Tablo which is a week old, keeps adding TMZ to my recordings. I delete it and comes back. I never watch that so don’t know how it got there in the first place. I’m in Bastrop Texas which is the Austin, TX market.

Hey folks -

If you can let me know where you’re located, we suspect that at least some of this weirdness may be attributed to particular geographies.

We know it occurred in Tablos with channels originating in New York State, and Texas.

That’s another interesting development.

Have you looked in the scheduled screen to see if TMZ is there?

Yes it was, that’s where I finally found it. I am guessing I was just deleting the recordings, but the schedule remains. I wonder how it got there in the first place. We’ll see if it comes back. Thanks!
Quick question, when you tune to a show that is currently playing, can you initiate a record for that show/series? I can’t seem to find that if so. To be more specific, using the Roku app.
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me: California, 93907
Tablo (4 tuners) firmware v2.2.17 Beta 7

mom: California, 95111
Tablo (2 tuners) firmware v2.2.16

That’s the question… Was your Tablo brand new? If it was a Tablo DUAL it should have been fully sealed.

There is no record button when you’re playing back live TV. You’ll need to go back to the grid, or to the guide sections to set a recording.

New Mexico 88240

33914 - SWFL

single white female lawyer?

Arizona 85283

It happened to us in Las Vegas, NV (89031). 4 Tuner.

2 Tuner Tablo, 48187 Michigan