Why are there two NFL Football categories?

When I look in my guide and go to sports, NFL Football is listed twice. Usually each sports category is listed once (like NCAA basketball, NBA, NHL, etc).

One is for the Pro Bowl and one if for the Super Bowl, but the category looks identical for both. Also, I don’t have a graphic for the NFL for either one, which is strange.

Been like that for over a week.

Strange images. Maybe paranormal.

“I Want to Believe”

I noticed this yesterday as well. I believe it began for me after the latest update for FireTV.

This is not limited to Fire TV. It shows up like that on Roku.

It started when the pro bowl game was added to the schedule. The NFC/AFC NFL game was in the schedule as an NFL tile. But the pro bowl showed up not under NFL but as a blank tile.

Then came the super bowl the same way.

We have confirmed this is an issue with a change from our guide data provider. Hoping to get more clarification on what changed and what fix will be required in the coming days.

It shouldn’t affect any scheduling.

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