Tablo Quad/Roku Ultra freeze

My Tablo quad 1TB that I just bought freezes at the end of a recording playback on my Roku TV. Screen just goes black and remote does not respond to anything but Home to exit the Tablo app. Not sure why. This seems to be a reproducible problem that a Tablo software fix can address.

Tablo just released a Roku app update which they stated as being incredibly minor, not sure if it will make any difference, but it might be worth a try to be sure your Roku is at least running the latest version.

You’re lucky I installed the new release and now see an increase in the gray screen that responds to the home button. But also the black screen that causes the roku(11.5-4235) to reboot. Mostly for 1x or above FF. It use to be it took 2X or above to become unstable.

But I’ll live.

As of Feb 1st 2023 this issue is still occurring. Again worse than when I began noticing. Any updates on getting this fixed?


I too am having this issue and been having it for a while. It is not getting better. Any update would be appreciated.

I have the same issue. With my Roku. It is not consistent however sometimes it lock up and sometimes it doesn’t.
When I use an Amazon fire stick no problem.

Roku V12 software is coming, (sarcasm) that’s sure to resolve all the issues…(/sarcasm) :grimacing:

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Praying for the best with Roku 12, but prepared for a few glitches initially with the Tablo app…