Tablo for Plex - Now available in the Plex Channel Store


Looks like I was right about having a port not forwarded. I changed my router to DMZ my Tablo and now live recordings are working. I’ll sniff around my network traffic to see if I can find out what port it was.


Please let us know which port it is.


Grateful for this app, and can’t wait to see how it progresses. Live works fine for me, with the caveat that I sometimes have to drop my streaming speed in plex (usually 3MB/720 works fine). Recordings play flawlessly for me (ROKU 3, hard wired…as is Tablo, and the old notebook running Plex). I just wish that the official ROKU channel for Tablo had the layout that the Plex channel does – it’s so much better, with recordings sorted in a list by day (not thumbs, alphabetically). Aside from the lack of a guide grid, everything about the Plex channel is better. Huge kudos to the developers.


Would love to see this work…I have tablo channel,installed but it cannot see my recordings on tablo. I read others had a subscription but I didn’t want to sign up for one until I got things working…

Must I have an active subscription for this to work properly?

Thanks all…appreciate the thoughts…SO want to make this work…


Plex is not officially developed nor supported by Tablo (when I say Tablo, I don’t mean the device, I mean the company that develops all the apps for the Tablo). It is a use at your own caution thing - from what I’ve seen I don’t think it is being actively developed by the 3rd party developer either.

Does anyone know when the last update was released?


Last I saw they were waiting for the official API to be published by Tablo. Has that happened yet?


It has and if anyone wants to jump in on developing Plex for Tablo we can get you hooked up with what you need. Just pop me a note.

I know the guys who originally worked on this have other fish to fry in their lives including families and jobs so they may not be able to devote as much time as they’d like.


if there is an offical api doc i would love to get that. I have looked at the plex code before


@crichardso - Drop a note to with your name, address and phone number as well as a description of your intention to work on the Plex code. We’ll make sure you get an NDA and access to the info you need.



If you start messing around the Plex channel, it would be nice if you could rearrange the way recorded content are showed.



I’ve only had the Tablo 4 for a month but can tell you that was the first thing I installed on my Plex and it ROCKS. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was researching before I purchased the Tablo and didn’t know if it was fully baked or not. In some cases it actually runs faster than the native app on some devices like Roku or Android that have a weaker connection. I also like that I don’t need to open port forwarding when using it remotely thru Plex.


@TabloTV i sent an email but never got a response about the api docs what is the typical turn around time?


@crichardso - We sent you over the NDA yesterday. Let me know if I need to resend.


@TabloTV sorry i missed it … i see it know thanks


New Plex App for Apple TV (ver 1.1) seems to have broken the Tablo channel, just hangs at loading screen…


I had the same issue.
I did a couple of things. There was an update to the Plex server on my Personal Cloud NAS that I installed. I also went to the Plex channel store and just installed the plugin again and things seemed to get back to normal.
Sort of scared me a bit as things had seemed to be working great using the Tablo Plex channel.


Reinstall of the plugin did nothing. Looks like some other unsupported channels are broken by this update based on the Plex forum posts.


Busted here, too.

Update of server and reinstall of channel had no impact.

That’s what I get for having auto-update turned on for apps…

It’s turned off now. Hopefully a fix get pushed soon.


Thanks for the heads up, I will delay my update.


does it work for you guys on other devices? mine works on ios and web browesr